Dear Yogis,

Monday 6.30pm FREE TEACHER TRAINING.  (“Forgiveness” pt.II)
Tuesday 7.30:  The Rumi Class
Saturday 2pm: Art and Tarot.
Sunday 10am: The Glorious Gita.
Monday 1pm – Hatha.  Wednesday 5.30pm – Restorative.

It has been a beautiful day in Woodend, and I spent that afternoon in the garden after our “Glorious Gita Class” .  How can you bear to miss it???        “For attractive lips speak words of kindness.  For lovely eyes seek out the good in people.. for poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone”.

I am recovering from what I diagnose as a rather unfortunate bout of sinusitis caused by too enthusiastically flinging around the garden some FABULOUS chook poo mulch.

It was strong, and I realised about half an hour into the job that perhaps on such a windy day,  a mask would be a good idea.  Too late actually.  The harm had been done.  Thank goodness for neti, Vitamin C, and for the new enthusiasm of Herbal Smoke.

Last nite I had a blend of Damiana, Mullein, Hops (hardly any hops in the mix – mine are strong), and some mint all spritzed with water and honey.  Lovely, relaxing and I had a good nites sleep lying down (sinus problems are usually best addressed by sleeping sitting up!).  When I told Sunday morning’s class about the blend I chose I only had to say “Damiana” and they all fell about laughing.  It was a lovely, mellow mix I must say.

Whilst I am not just taking the herbs via smoke, I am also reading and researching and discovered that smoke has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda as a therapy.  It is a very serious practice, and one has to pay attention to the administration of the herbs in order to get the desired effect.  It is not just a matter of blissing out.  I guess it is a bit like CBD.  With CBD, you are working with the endocannabinoid system.  It is  not “instant” as is  marijuana, but it is therapeutic – a therapy, whilst Cannabis Indicus (marijuana)  just swamps all sensation, and when the high is over nothing has changed.

This is an excerpt from my book on Smoking I am working on at the moment.

HERBS:  TIMES OF ADMINISTRATION.   I guess you may not have thought about taking an herbal cigarette or pipe as a part of your therapy,  however,  Ayurveda recognises that the times of taking your herbs in whichever way you take them (especially smoking them – but it also applies to oils, tinctures, as moxa and other herbal therapies), are important in strengthening their effects.

A good simple rule to follow in this is…

Herbs taken about half an hour before meals tend to work on the colon and the lower part of the body, on apana-vayu, the air or vata governing eliminatory functions.

Herbs taken with a meal tend to work on the stomach and small intestine, on the middle part of the body and samana-vayu, the air governing the digestive functions.

Herbs taken after meals tend to work on the lungs, on the upper part of the body and on prana-vayu the air governing respiratory function.  Herbs that target the lungs, heart or brain should always be taken after meals. (This is an excerpt  from “SMOKIN’ – The Yoga of Smoke”  by me,  J.Hope-Williams)

(Keep in mind that when you are smoking cigarettes in a haphazard way through the day – because of their chemical and nicotine content – you are effecting NEGATIVELY the same systems that you could be working on POSITIVELY with herbs).  

In my  book, which is about a month away from being finished I think, you will find a very detailed work on Smoking and Smoking herbs.  This will encompass which herbs to use for what effect or therapy.  I am finding it most interesting, and it is very freeing.

I have always been terribly opposed to smoking, and now realised how little I knew about its therapeutic effects, and I had not heard at all about the Ayurvedic use of smoking herbs.  I have been like the government.  They have banned CBD, not because it doesn’t work, not because people don’t want it, but because they don’t understand that they are holding back a great gift to humanity.  That was me – it is not me now.

I have always had respect for herbs, and I am discovering this greater aspect called SMOKING that people everywhere could use everyday.  It could enhance their body mind and spirit, instead of using the tobacco which is killing them.. and emptying out their bank account at the same time.

Imagine how much you could save if you could identify the smoking herbs you already have in your garden or from foraging.
Imagine how much you could save on doctors bills from using herbs that were therapeutic and not harmful….
Imagine if you didn’t get consistent coughs and colds from weakening your system by smoking tobacco.
Imagine how it would feel to be really relaxed after smoking relaxing herbs – not smoking a chemically saturated “cancer stick!

Imagine how it would feel to be independent even in this!

If you or your beloved, or family are smokers – then this could be you.  It is simple.  Smoking the right herbs at the right time (according to Ayurveda) can even enhance your yoga and meditation.  

I will see you on the mat.