Dear Yogis,

Things are changing is big ways.  You are all getting back to studio yoga (or no yoga), and the zoom classes are gradually closing down apart from the Monday Teacher Training, Tuesday Rumi Study and Sunday Gita.  And even they are contracting.  The next Teacher Training in the Studio is Sunday the 2nd May at 2pm, and the next after that the 6th June – always has been the first Sunday in each month.



At the moment I am writing a booklet on SMOKING HERBS (called “SMOKIN’).  This is extraordinary for me – I have always been pathologically opposed to smoking in every form, however, in order to be of service, it is falling to me to introduce you to alternatives to nicotine and there are many and most grow in your garden.  That is the lovely part – knowing what you are growing and understanding why we were given these plants.  Even hemp was given by Shiva to benefit mankind, that is why it will grown just anywhere, and give multiple yearly harvests.  But we in Australia are not allowed to know about this herb.  Sorry about that, but there are relaxing alternatives.  Damiana, Marijuanilla and Hops for instance.

After seeing what is happening in my community, those people who have received bad news, who have gone through trauma, and who should be looking for healthy alternatives to handling grief, turn to nicotine.  This may feel like it helps, but down deep you know it doesn’t.  Yes you may like to believe you are relaxing but your body is being flooded with harmful chemicals with every breath.   The pictures on the packs must give you a clue. They are truly shocking.  The nicotine is still in the cigarettes together with sugar and other addictive chemicals, but you are being shown the terrible effects of that addiction.  Does this make sense? CHANGE UP.

There are alternatives to store bought.  I have learned that although you may have herbs growing that can help, you have to know how to harvest and dry them and then how to mix them.  It is not just a matter of cutting them up and putting them in a pipe.  It would be easy if it were.  I am not an expert, not an herbalist, but I am learning more about this group of herbs..

It is also important that you know the action of the various herbs.  How they can help apart from just giving you something to do with your hands!   Once you have got these simple how-to’s organised, you can have a lovely smoking experience that will make you feel better, and more relaxed with no long term nasty chemical effects. I am my own experiment.

When the book (SMOKIN’) is finished, I will selling it together with a bag of basic herbs so you can add signature herbs of your choice to get the effect that you want easily.  I will also be giving directions for you to make your own pipe – once again not as easy as you might think.  The position of the stem, the entry of the air into the bowl, the size of the bowl and the ability of the clay or wood that you choose to stand up to heat,  all need to be taken into account – or you could buy something beautiful on line (or one of mine).

I am now making them in terra-cotta clay, and have road tested a clay made out of common kitchen ingredients which seems to be fine. I decoupaged this one and added a crystal.  I  also store my herbs with crystals to add another positive vibration..

What started out to be a small book, is going to be very exhaustive, and will help you on many levels.  How to make pipes – what herbs to grow and harvest – how to harvest – the effect of herbs – ancient rites – spells.  Whatever information  I can bring that I believe will help you.

Smokers among you who are encouraged to go down this route – I do encourage you to do your own research.  However, this booklet will give you the pointers for your own foray into this ancient field.  People throughout the ages have smoked herbs for many reasons, physical, spiritual and mystical.   Only we added addictive chemicals, but you can choose if you are going to buy into this.  It will take time to learn, to change,  but it is worth it.  I will keep you informed of my progress through these newsletters.

Down the track I will have studio or zoom classes.  It is a big subject.