HI THERE YOGIS and friends…

Only a few more sleeps until my birthday.  Thank you to those who have responded with best wishes, and those who will be attending. ALL WELCOME. Because we are still COVID CONSCIOUS, we can’t have a big gathering, but, signing in and keeping distance, sanitising, and drifting in from 2pm in the afternoon should meet all the requirements.  I am hoping for nice weather, the garden is good, so is the deck, so we will be able to spread out.  If you plan to sit near the pond, bring mozzie spray (just be aware).  Reminder about parking (we have “sensitive” neighbours) – Please park on the white gravel, the empty driveway of the empty block opposite, or the nature strip in front of the studio 37 Morris Rd. Woodend.


I have been inspired as you have by the poems of Rumi, and The words of the Prophet Mohamed (dictated to him by the Angel Gabriel), and have been reading them before my meditation time in the morning.  Would you like to join me..maybe Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7pm? You could drift in, and drift out.  No need to sit for any length of time – even 3 minutes is good.  I will read a poem, then we will silently meditate on it.  I will probably sit for about an hour (except for Tuesday with the Sutras starting at 7.30pm), but you don’t have to.  Please let me know you would like to join, I will organise a start date, send you an ID and we will go from there.  It will be by donation.  I would like it to be term by term.  To join in please email yogafirst2@bigpond.com.

Rumi says that wherever you are and in every circumstance, try always to be a lover and a passionate lover. By the way,  I am sure that he did not mean going around being Mother Amma, hugging and kissing everyone….  People who do that are trying to meet their own needs for love, and not necessarily the needs of others.    Rumi was met by God in the person of Shams of Tabriz,   and is someone who has possessed and lived love in its splendour, with a realisation so complete, so multifaceted and deep that he goes beyond all denominations and definitions to show humankind the fullness of what a human in love and empowered BY GOD, can become.

Teilhard de Chardin before he died said “Humankind is being brought to a moment where it will have to decide between suicide and adoration”  I believe that moment is NOW”.  It is your decision.  Will you choose “Goodness”? If you have read the Gita you will know that Krishna asked this question of Arjuna.. that the whole of this book is about Duty and Devotion.  What do you worship? Some worship money, some their job, some people what they imagine to be freedom.  Some people even seem to worship themselves.  We all worship something.  It is time to choose. CHOOSE LOVE…



How does meditation effect you?  Well, yesterday morning I had a beautiful encounter in meditation and sobbed for most of the day – about everything.  I tried to watch the news, but it was almost unbearable.  Everything is so sad, so much about loss, about trouble, about death.  I am personally not afraid of death, but death that comes suddenly to others was very raw.    I am trying to live in the world and most of the time it is difficult.

One of my students talking about my drawings said that she imagined I was thinking about being underwater.  I actually (and beautifully) feel at the moment that I  am under spiritual water, I am in a sea of God’ness, and when I come up and out of it, I start to cry.  I am crying, but I am not sad – love and grief living together..  If you meditate with me, it might happen to you.  As Rumi says, “the journey has to be taken, with all its suffering, all its pain and all its splendour”.

I look forward (as always), to meeting you on the mat.

Namaste.  Jahne