Dear Yogis,

Only a few days to go to our OPEN STUDIO.  This is the first Open/OPEN studio since the Covid lockdown, however, if you feel better to wear a mask then I urge you to do so (and I have lots of spares to give away if you forget).  Hopefully as usual people will drift in, in ones and twos, and you will be able to distance and feel comfortable.  It is up to you.  I look forward to seeing you.  This Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4.  I will have some beautiful little dolls (and big ones).


I have been busy making and mending dolls ready to send them to children in crisis.  If you want to be involved, you can purchase a doll and take one with you (or i will post one to you) and that will support me in time and materials, or you can buy a doll and instead of taking it, you can leave it with me to be donated.

All sales will mean that I can make and mend many more dolls that I can donate. Unfortunately I am not independently wealthy, and am not supported by a wealthy, generous male, so I have to pay the usual expenses whilst doing what I can for others.  Selling my dolls,  teaching yoga, painting, darning and the other bits and pieces make my life interesting and make me independent.

It is amazing to me how dolls are made commercially.  The tiny doll to the left I have been told is probably vintage, but from the look of the stuffing I would doubt that.   It is also a beautiful little doll and any child would be pleased to play with it.  I have called her “TINY”.  She was falling to bits, and I have carefully restored her, so she will last for many years now.

“Modern” dolls are to be carefully examined please before you buy them for a child.  The terrible bit of machinery to the right is a pair of hard plastic screws behind a dolls eyes – they look like implements of torture invented by “Vlad the Impaler”, rather than a thing to give to a child.  Dolls that feel squishy are sometimes filled with crushed gravel chips in plastic bags (true, I could not make this up),  you can also find stiff velcro things, and pointy wires.   If you can find these bits of internal rubbish,  you can rest assured a child will.  Buy your dolls from church stalls or doll makers and make sure you are buying them for a child, and not for you – that is different altogether.  When I make a doll “sculpture” out of cloth I use armatures, but making a doll for a child is all about making something soft and cuddly.  A toy that will be loved (able to be washed without damage or the internals turning into cement) and handed down through the family.

We had a fantastic teacher training session on Monday on this topic, which should be dear to the heart of everyone, not just teachers.

The usual students attended.  Unsurprisingly,  those who will willingly turn up for tarot or some-such stayed away.  Was it because in this discipline they had to take the responsibility for their future? They couldn’t leave it in the hands of someone else or fate? Once you understand this there is nowhere to hide.  The blame-game is ripped away.  We all have to understand that if  life is not panning out we really can’t blame others – we are just not understanding the process.  This process was laid out clearly step by step in this class.

Those who did come were models of how this meditation actually works, BIG TIME.  They had in the past and were in present time,  manifesting everything that they wanted in life. They had taken the steps. What we actually did was to examine the process happening in our lives, and how it was playing out today.  The steps we took, the meditations, the mind-set,  and  how this happened as we moved through it on a day to day basis.

These students as always,  were an inspiration to me.  I am sorry you didn’t think it applied to you.  I chose the topic because in this time of seeming uncertainty, we all need to be reminded of how the game unfolds.



ZOOM: Mon. 6.30 FREE OF CHARGE Teacher Training, Tues. Herb workshop 7.30 ($50 per month – part of the Bach Therapist Course only).
STUDIO YOGA:  Mon. 1pm (full) 2.15pm, Wed. 1pm Restorative(vacancy for July only), 2.15pm  Friday  2.15 Restorative. No Saturday classes the 16th July.
Fridays only – If you book you can join us at 3pm for a short meditation session on Fridays only.  Because it is the end of the class and I need to plan, you will need to book.

CONSULTATIONS: Zoom Tarot/Bach/QHHT HYPNOTHERAPY (a very powerful form of hypnotherapy), Bowen or a combo – by appointment only.  $85 To discuss or book,  email

MONTHLY LUNCHEON:   Thursday 28th July at 12noon at “The Vic” in Woodend (If you are running a bit late, relax, it’s OK – drop in for dessert.  We have the meeting room, so it is separate and quieter).  Please let me know if you can join us.  We will post an invite closer to the day.   RSVP PLEASE

WEEKLY MEETINGS:  We have free Teacher Training zoomed on Mondays 6.30pm, and we began our yoga teacher asana class/meeting in the studio WHICH WE HAVE ORGANISED FOR EVERY SECOND SUNDAY BETWEEN 2 and 3pm.  NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING CLASS Sunday 31st July at 2pm.


OPEN STUDIO. Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July,  2pm to 4pm BOTH DAYS.   I have been looking forward to this right through Covid zooms.  

Please pop in between 2 and 4pm on Saturday or Sunday and see (purchase) paintings,  my dolls and other goodies – herbs, smoking herbs, vintage items and fabulous pendulums.  You can even have a PENDULUM lesson in using the one you purchase.  Of course there will be champers and Christmas nibbles.    It is after all July and we can have a CHRISTMAS IN JULY. .  You can even come and discuss a tarot booking,  But especially look at my dolls.