Dear Yogis,

First off, thank you so much for those students who have understood and taken steps to break the YAHOO grip.  Thank you for understanding that unless you subscribe to me I don’t send newsletters (or anything), but if you are a member of a YAHOO GROUP, Yahoo itself hacks into everyone’s emails and distributes EVERYTHING from each of its group members.  It is the ultimate hacker unless you stop it, and it is hard to stop which I am sure you have discovered.  It is like an elephant, it never forgets.


Now that we are sort of getting back to “normal”?  If you had been in Woodend over the weekend you would have thought you were in the USA, people were everywhere, doing anything they wanted, even driving on the wrong side of the road.  It was like the Wild West, and a good place to stay away from (where were the “Bobbies on Bikes” protecting our town).  Yogis, don’t be one of these people putting the country at risk.  The virus has not gone away… it is just subdued at the present time.

We have gone back to studio classes both in yoga and in art, but just for three people at a time and strictly adhere to the rules. If you come to yoga it is almost one-on-one.  You will love it.



I am sure that many of you who are working with people in recovery that in spite of the wonderful work we are doing to lengthen and strengthen the body,  change is slow… or not understood.  We can spend months diligently working with them, and they can make great progress, but it can be better.  The challenge for all of us is that they are not doing the work at home we need them to do.  We show them how to create space for blood and oxygen to awaken the tissue but we need them to strengthen their body (especially the core) with exercise – and we know there is little chance of that.

I think about aspects of Restorative yoga that I am working on as YOGA ISOMETRICS which without much effort improves and sometimes reverses the collapse of the body caused by thickening of the tissues over time.  This thickening creates a sticky mess which clogs up the body and traps toxins which inhibits the range of movement – and this is where PAIN resides.  Most usually some distance from the cause site.

We have long needed an easy “something” that our clients could use when they are not in class.  A simple 15 or less minutes of relaxing movement that they can do while they are watching TV(?).  They won’t chant, or deal with silence, well the majority won’t, so we have to work where they are, not where we want them to be.  

In their life our ours, most often what has happened is that at some stage there has been a “break in the system”,  and it is how we handle what it presents, that will determine the result.  THE CORE AND BREATHING IS WHERE I AM STARTING – WHERE I HAVE ALWAYS STARTED, and massage, exploring the body  in this way (combining it with breathing and movement), has shown me the energy slings, and wavelike patterns that either expand or inhibit growth.

Yoga and stretching are great because they take your attention to what stops you from moving. However, pain is generally the limiting factor in how our students move, or how we don’t move.  I am bringing the things I am learning in massage to my practice.

The work I am doing puts a different spin on ageing. If tissue can be reawakened, then aging is only a function of compression. If tissue can decompress and resume flow, then ageing as we know it is dead!

I am working to bring to my clients (and you) a way to ensure optimal oxygenation and detoxification to each and every cell.  This is what our bodies are designed to do, however because our alignment is off balance from years of unconscious living, we are going to have to work to get our muscles to function properly, and we can start with the diaphragm.

If you are interested to join me on this journey… please indicate this, please email me and I will put together zoom, and studio work to show you how I am progressing with my clients.

I know it works, because my own body has gone through transformation. My students and my clients tell me this is happening.  I am becoming “younger”. Gradually the accumulated effects of time and physical trouble are becoming less,  and I can feel that my body has awakened.  A step beyond Restorative to a new dimension. 

JOIN ME ON THE MAT (my constant invitation).