Dear Yogis,

An amazing day (Thursday).  Have to get this newsletter done on my day off because I won’t get a chance tomorrow – my monthly acupuncture appointment happens…early.

Our ZOOM study is progressing well.  The study of the sutras is coming to an end.. however, then we are going to learn (from the Tibetan point of view) how to apply these sutras in our every day lives to help us understand our daily frustrations and successes, and how to make our lives reflect the wonderful yogis that we are. Success – abundance! can be yours.  The scriptures will show us how – nothing is accidental.

It is not too late to join us.  If you are finding that no matter what you do, the abundance that you would like (let’s be honest here)is just not happening, know that there is a path out of this hole you have dug for yourself.  We are going to study the path, take the steps and we are going to learn how to apply it in our own lives to expand our happiness in all directions.

The Dalai Lama says that happiness/kindness is his religion.  I know that he means this LITERALLY, and I am going to show you how you can do this too – it is not a secret.  Join us. Tuesdays at 7.30 to 9pm.  You will get great value out of this.

STUDIO YOGA IS HAPPENING and Massage with me is back on.  I am going to shortly start RESTORATIVE ENERGY BLOK THERAPY that links with both the PPT massage and my Restorative yoga classes.  If you have abdominal adhesions, would like a facelift (yes), have hearing difficulties, can’t breathe deeply (a problem in meditation), … all of these can be addressed by using my amazing techniques with tools you already have.

I  work with these problems when no-one else wants to and I get amazing results.   To experience this for yourself, first get a (PPT)massage which allows us to identify the blockages, then come to Restorative Energy-Blok therapy to work on them.  If you are a teacher and want to study this method with me – let me know.

CHRISTMAS BREAK:  I have decided that I am going to be closed for a couple of weeks (and do art).  Last yoga class –  5.30 Wednesday 23rd December.  First class of the new year 11th January.  However, if you would like a massage or study with me in that two weeks, please let me know.  I am going nowhere.  I will be here for you.  If you want to keep going with the Sutra and the Gita classes without break, let me know – it can be done.

CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON:  We had our last YogaLunch in February!!!  Our usual luncheon venue The Mt.Macedon Hotel is inundated with emails and short staffed, but I am assured they will get back to us with a confirmation of our booking (12.30 on Friday, December the 11th).  This gives us reasonable time to organise, and I will let you know how we go.  ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.  Please let me know if you want to come so that I can keep you informed..  We will have the lunch, we will have it this time frame, and we will have it somewhere – we have choices.  The Mac is usually quiet at that time of the day, we have great service, and we can relax – that is why we keep going there..

CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE:  As usual, I will have an open house from 11.30 to 4 (ish) on Christmas day.  If you are around, do plan to drop in for a champers and some nibbles… There is always lots to share.  Don’t be lonely.  For the address, email me:

I almost forgot.  I have some beautiful Organic Turkey Tail powder.  It smells luscious and it is amazing how a quarter of a teaspoon (the recommended dose) can alter your morning drink or yoghurt.  It is a mushroom which tastes “chocolatey”, enhances the effect of anything else you might be taking, reduces the toxic effects of chemo I am told, and boosts the immune system. Perfect during these covid times. I am also reliably informed it can encourage beautiful dreams.  Cost $35 for 25grams (price includes postage in Australia).   You can use the PAY VIA PAYPAL button on the home page of the same as always.  Don’t forget to add your name and address to the docket when you make the payment.  I will send the powder when I receive the receipt – PayPal is FAST, but the post can be slow.