Dear Yogis,

What a fabulous weekend…I had a wonderful one-on-one with a Restorative Teacher Training Student (yes, I do these!), then a yoga session, and then MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT CARDS, which was totally an inspiration to me.  Out of this session we have emerging a marine themed deck, a ‘Gita themed deck and an INSPIRATION themed deck and so an… and mine? A MINDFULNESS themed deck – very practical seeing that the Tea and Tarot cards were printed last week, and I am packing and selling them right now (they are for you!).  For details go to

Then on Sunday we had our explorations into the BHAGAVADGITA.  The repeat class.  Next week is the next step in the current series and we will be looking at – THE FEATURES OF GOD – ‘KRISHNA” THE SUPREME BEING.  Yes, this is a subject and we will try to walk through in a simple, logical (exciting) way.  One topic leading to the next.  One of the students sensed our topic when she asked how I thought about God.  Come to Sunday Teacher Training, and discover how to talk to God for yourself.  The Hare Krishna movement of course adheres to what Sri Pradhupadha thought Krishna was talking about, and for him everything needs to be passed in front of Krishna for inspection and ‘tasting”.  This can be marginally boring, a mite joyless and add layers of rules.  Let’s go back to the original and see what Krishna himself said about EVERYTHING.  God didn’t design you to dance and then get pleasure from forbidding you from dancing…..

On Monday we will have RESTORATIVE YOGA at 1pm.

Tuesday, the CHAKRA DISCUSSION (part 3 of 3 I think).

Wednesday (a busy Zoom day):  12.30 Yoga Class, 5.30 Gentle Restorative Yoga Class and then instead of Dowsing, we will be having the first of the “MINDFULNESS MEDITATION” SESSIONS FROM 6.30 TO 7.30.   I always thought of the modern mindfulness sessions as being MINDLESSNESS yoga, but I have changed,  and embraced the method (among others) of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (what a fabulous name!), and of course THE WAY of  ZEN, and Sensory Awareness (promulgated by Charlotte Selver,  Alan Watts, Erich Fromm and Fritz Perlz) which began in the 1950’s.  If you have ever meditated, danced, studied yoga or wanted “to be here now”, these sessions are highly recommended.

Friday: Strong Restorative (a blend) at 5.30 and we could have a MINDFUL MEDITATION AT 6.30 if you wanted.  Let me know.

Saturday:  12.30 Restorative and 2pm MAKE OUR OWN TAROT (The second of a series of three which can be ongoing, and can incorporate dowsing)

Sunday:  THE TEACHER TRAINING SESSIONS: Today, “The Bhagavadgita, The Features of God” – “Krisna the Supreme Being” (as it is discussed in the ‘Gita)

For details of any of the above, please go to the home page of the web site, and I  will list all the details there.

During my life I have often rejected one authority only to embrace another.  In thinking about this I have come to understand that underneath,  I was afraid of living in the world where there was not someone, somewhat like myself who KNEW.  But I have now come to the understanding that to know what one is doing with life, it is no good to consult authorities.  They spin veils to keep us from our truth. We need to penetrate these veils of unknowing with our own hands, eyes and senses if we are going in any way to be able to grasp the world, and feel it with our hearts.  It is not until we can TASTE for ourselves that we will truly be able to judge.

This requires discipline.  One discipline (and there are many) which has been embraced to control the rampant mind is ZEN, and other forms of Buddhist meditations…  We will explore this as we delve into  our discussions on the Gita, and on a personal experimental level as we play with SENSORY AWARENESS in our MINDFULNESS MEDITATIONS.  Don’t just wonder – join us.  It is not like lunching on sawdust, this is living food for the mind.