Dear Yogis,

Now we are coming OUT of isolation you may think it a bit useless to do a retreat (or even a weekly mindfulness class).  Not so.  When you take the toggle off the pressure cooker, the blast of steam can take your skin off (or redecorate the kitchen), ask me, I know.  Same with you.  You managed to keep everything locked in tight, but when the pressure is released a little, the steam may be uncontrolled.  That is where mindfulness comes in.  It slows us down a little, allows us to direct “the steam”, take down the pressure, and generally be less destructive.

By learning to pay attention to your thoughts and actions in the moment, you’ll discover how to let go of old patterns and create healthier habits and ways of living that will make you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about you, you can do just about anything.”

— Hugh Byrne, PhD



In the long term mindfulness can help us to regain balance, and progress forward in a more considered and fruitful way.  I love meditation and I hope I am not “preaching to the choir” as they say.  We all need a teacher (meditation can be your teacher) , we all need direction and we all need help on the path.  Allow me to help you on your path to a more fruitful future.  

I have put time aside to offer both classes and a monthly retreat.  I hope that you can join me in this.  For more details Click on the HOME page of or go to MINDFULNESS in the menu.  Monthly 2 hour “Retreat” $20.  Weekly classes $35 for a set of three sessions.  Think of it as an investment in sanity.  


People have asked me (and other students) who go to monthly acupuncture, and other alternative therapy sessions if it makes us “feel good”.  Like yoga, and other natural therapies, and of course meditation –  sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes BIG energy shifts occur and it takes a while for the mind, our computer to catch up, but catch up it does, and keeps us running along smoothly without drugs and without surgical interventions.  You are right,  it isn’t cheap, it can be uncomfortable, we do have to change,  but is a whole lot less expensive than the alternatives.   I don’t have to take time off, no hospital visits, no “days in bed”.  We are just “well” and getting “well’er”.

What would you rather? Go to a doctor to be told “your condition isn’t bad enough come back in a few years for an op”.  Or spend a couple of years cleaning up diet, decluttering the mind, walking or exercising, supplementing properly and eating well – no “op”, and owning  a biological age that is not racing towards the end of the world? I know my preference.

Meditation is the start of my day, yoga comes next, happy for no good reason, and acupuncture once every 6 to 8 weeks – result?  I am getting biologically younger and better, and happier.    As I once told an extremely sick client who grumbled about the regime because it may cut into his social life “you can’t have a social life and be dead at the same time”.  It’s a choice.

Really, I can guide you but no one can FIX you.  You can make changes, you can improve, you can discover the meaning of your life… no-one can do it for you.  No counsellor, no anything.  Healing is a team effort and you, body mind and spirit are part of the team.  You cannot walk away from your responsibility to self and survive.