Hi there Yogis.

SUNDAY: 10 AM THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD (The Book of Living and Dying).  A Text for the CCProject

This is a time of growth and change.  For me too.  For years I have been surrounded by yoga and art books and things because I was constantly teaching.  This is less the case now, and I want to de-clutter (almost minimise but not quite).  Something I am teaching others to do.  You may be just leaning back into your yoga teaching which will accelerate as the pressure of Covid is lessened, and as you grow, you might like to avail yourself of some of my prized items.

The picture of my little studio space to the right may not look uncluttered to you – but I really have taken out a huge amount…In the yoga room I am letting go of my beloved yoga swings (just keeping one for me), blankets, pillows, blocks, many books which I will sell in bundles, DVD’s and so on – by donation.  I will start on the 22nd July at our Mary Magdalen Feast Day and continue through to the 22nd August which I have designated as my ART AND YOGA SALE DAY.  If you have gone to the CCP web site you will have seen the notice.  You are all welcome to both.  Of course on the 22nd July I will also be celebrating the launch of our CCP COURSE.  This also has gained a write-up in The Australian Yoga Journal digital edition which pleases me… They have done such a lovely job.

I am excited by this course which is not just about sitting by a bedside at end of life. It is not just about DEATH, but it is about helping people LIVE wherever they find themselves….  We all remember Florence Nightingale as the “Lady with the Lamp”, but no-one would have remembered her if she hadn’t dealt with life. Helped soldiers regain their life even if that happened to be end-of-life.  She did not just sit by their bedside with a candle.  They knew she was fighting for them. Advocating.

This may involve sitting by the bed, but it may also be about talking to the client and family about end-of-life arrangements, about preparing them to let go of computer and day to day expenses… about helping them let go of everything IT.  Even down-sizing.  De-stressing on all levels.

It is not about counselling – it is about being a Compassionate Companion.  It is a big job, and the course will prepare you for each part.

To find out more and to enrol, please go to www.ccpproject.com .  I am trying to get donations in order to offer PART scholarships…I have mentioned this before.  If this interests you… please email me:  yogafirst@netcon.net.au

In the Meanwhile – I WILL SEE YOU ON THE MAT.