Dear Yogis,

Happy Birthday His Holiness The Dalai Lama – 86 today (Tuesday 6th July).  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing have a wonderful day.

ZOOM: Sunday 10am The Book of Living and Dying
SATURDAY: 10am THE COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS PROJECT (INCLUDING “THE CCP MINIMALIST”) Email me for your free registration.  I will send you an ID code

What a week.  The jab, and then being confronted by a “yogi” angry that I had done it.  Angry doesn’t help anyone.  My mum used to say “If you are in the right,  then you don’t need to get angry. If you are in the wrong you can’t afford to be”.  Good advice.  But all is well we are back on track.  The school holidays feel almost like lock-down.  Everyone is pulling back and doing family things.

Tomorrow I am loading my book of lists on to ETSY as part of the CCP PROJECT   Another way the COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS can help their community (it is not just about DEATH).  Do you have a Will? Even if you do have a will, if you died, would your beloved know your passwords, your favourite hymn, where the diamonds are buried and so on… all those things that they want to tell you but don’t get around to.  And then it’s too late and you have had the bank account frozen, there is no money under the carpet and  you are totally stressed out, panicked and stuck.  It happens more often than you would like to think about because people don’t write things down.  THE BLACK BOOK is a “LIVING WILL”.  However, you can help others complete this list if they have not already done so.THE

This LITTLE BLACK BOOK will help you.  It is absolutely essential in times of crisis.  All the numbers and needs of your life in one place (your lawyers).  You don’t want anyone but your lawyer or accountant getting their sticky little fingers on this one.



Whilst I was writing the book,  I contemplated how we can take this approach even further and DE-CLUTTER OUR LIVES. I know the photo to the right doesn’t look very glamorous but these are my yoga trousers and tops – the ones I wear everyday, my uniform.  What you see is all I have left.  I am going through a cupboard a day and dealing with my clothes first.

I have heard of PROJECT 33.  A challenge where you wear only 33 items over a period of 3 months.  That is everything…even the jewellery.  Great if you are in a Tiny House, but I do not, and am becoming a minimalist a day at a time.  If you buy one item you have to chuck 10 out (yes, 10).

As a CCP CONSULTANT this is another string to your bow.  Helping people (and yourself) prepare a “LIVING WILL”, and helping them to de-clutter their lives.  It is wonderful – we are not just Death Doulas.  We are here for the living too. I have helped people take 100 bags of clutter out of their house.  Mine is not like this, but even the small amount I have shifted thus far is very liberating.  Try it.  THEN JOIN THE COURSE AND HELP OTHERS.  It is a planned approach, not just chucking stuff into a skip.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.