Dear Yogis,

It must be something about coming out of isolation (or feeling that the time is close), that has our students taking on new challenges, new students turning up, and our usual students turning their hands to wonderful new projects – sourdough bread making on zoom for instance!  John Lennon started the trend, and some are now following in his footsteps.

We don’t know if we will ever again get the opportunity to slow down that Covid has given to us… I hope that you have all taken advantage of the opportunity which has been handed to you.  There have been hardships that is true, but well offset by a new look at the world we live in.


Last evening at the YOGA LECTURES on zoom we considered the energies of the chakras (auras etc), and did a chakra clearing meditation – complete with bells..  more manageable than gongs in front of zoom.  There are many considerations around the chakras and the Koshas as science shines new light on the physical aspects, and it will be wonderful to see what happens in the next few years, what wondrous new confirmations of the ancient texts will come to light.

We know from Kirlian Photographs that the aura does in fact exist, and we know that some folk can see it… but it is a gift not all of us receive.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all blessed in this way, if the veils fell away and we could all see the light show which surrounds us.  I think we would be much more careful about how we dealt with others, and ourselves.  If you could see the colours change as you went about your day wouldn’t you want to be as clear and bursting with colour as possible.  No sludgy greys, greens and browns for me thank you!    I wonder what differences in “togetherness”  we will find when we come out from under our masks?  After our meditation (a Cherokee Indian Chakra healing/balancing Meditation) everyone was able to see more of the auric field, said they felt taller, and had changed.

A case in point.  The last two weeks have seen my TEA LEAF READING CARDS go into production.  We decided on the stock, we had the colour and all that was needed was lamination…  That proved pretty tricky.  You can’t see how it will work until you work it.

The printer put the same lamination on these cards as on the Revelation Tarot, and killed the cards.  It was as if a veil had come down in front of the colours.  Yes, I could see the colours, but they were drab and dull.   I didn’t like handling the cards.  They were depressing.

My wonderful printers, Bart’n Print in Bendigo, took responsibility and provided me (courier’d to me) examples of the cards with different laminations, even though some of the printers working on the cards couldn’t see the difference. (You have to have a certain vibration before you can see a higher colour vibration! Thats why medieval artist’s work is usually muted.  They couldn’t see higher colours, so they didn’t paint with them. )    I was giddy with excitement when I saw the new finish.  They have gone from drab to gorgeous… it was the veil holding them back.  The originals were wonderful, and now the colours are fantastic, everything I planned ready for you and everyone who buys the cards in the new laminations.

Are you a fabulous being throbbing with light and colour, held back by the veils that the community (and you), have covered yourself with.  Are you hiding?  Like my cards, if you could see the difference, if you could see how wonderful they really are, how I planned them in the original, you wouldn’t settle for second best.  Be the best you can be, be the being that you designed to be.  Just like the group after the meditation, the veils had started to lift.  Imagine God.  He has designed you to glow with colour, and here you are creeping around under self imposed veils.  

Don’t be second best, don’t settle for second best… don’t be drab, don’t settle for “normal”.   Take that bit of extra time to meditate, be brave, and let all your colours be as bright as they can be.  It was only a tiny little change, one layer, that held my cards back… what is holding you back? Let your colours shine.

POLISH THOSE AURAS YOGIS.  WE NEED TO SHINE, SPARKLE AND BEDAZZLE IN OUR COMMUNITIES… at the very least sew some sequins on your masks as a message to self!

Please come to our lectures and new meditation classes,  and move forward.  Learn who you really are.

Namaste – Jahne