Dear Yogis,

As usual – the schedule.

Friday: Tarot card group,  free hour 6.45 please email if you would like to be included and need a zoom ID.
Sunday: 10am CCP study, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”
Monday: 6.30pm Mary Magdalen Free Class.

STUDIO (with all the Covid Requirements – please bring props or covers for the props,  for your restorative classes.  Booking required if you haven’t already booked)
Monday 1pm Hatha, Wednesday 5.30pm Restorative and Friday 5.30 Hatha)



CCP CLASS At the moment the 10am class is all I have on offer –
BUT, I can offer a 2pm Saturday or 2pm Sunday spot instead. Do either of these suit you better?
If you say yes to either I will change and we will go with a new time slot..



Like the Anglican Church you may be very suspicious of me offering TAROT READINGS.  I can understand that.  Until a decade or so ago Tarot Readers could be jailed – true!  It was an offence that could end in a jail term.  It may still be the case.  However, today, the police would have to take in a lot of “readers” – I think there would be a backlash.  (In Australia Cannabalism is not a crime, however tarot could be).

That being said, Tarot is not a negative pursuit.  It shows a new world of positive optimism, growth opportunities and not pre-destined, unchangeable disasters and dreadfulness.  We have always had a choice over how we move through our lives.  Our Tarot transforms blocks into stepping stones to achievement.  We can start down the path of activating achievement and using the resources at our disposal… it is your inheritance.

The Tarot deck is a tool – that is all it is, a tool that allows us to activate the eternal laws because they are not just universal concepts… The tarot is a teaching in UNIVERSAL WISDOM.  A UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL PATH THAT IS A VISION AND A PROPHECY OF A NEW WAY THAT YOU COULD BE LIVING, restoring wholeness as a way of life.  A road map to your life.

I look forward to giving you a reading (STUDIO OR ZOOM).  1 card, 3 card or Prosperity/Abundance Reading.  It is not frivolous, it is not useless, it is a “window of opportunity”.  No matter what you do – yoga teacher, CCP, parent, child, the tarot can be used to add a new dimension to your day.  A card on the end of each yoga mat in your class, a conversation starter with friends or clients, a way to defuse a situation… there are lots of ways you can use your tarot you may not have thought about, and i would like to introduce the cards to you.

Come to our Class every Friday at 6.45 – if I haven’t sent you an ID (I sent them out last night), email me before 4pm today to get your ZOOM entry to the class.