Good afternoon Yogis,

What a lovely day off I have had.  Just in case you think I only appear in front of a yoga class….I spent the afternoon with friends…. what is not to like?   They are yoga students – but we have been friends for a long time.  The Sangha is like that.

SUNDAY MORNING: 10am The Tibetan Book of the Dead.  If you are planning to do the CCP course, then you really should hop in on this.  Yes, we have done a couple of sessions, but it is a big book, and you can join in now without missing out on too much.  I don’t teach in a linear fashion, so we will cover that ground again.
TUESDAY 7.30: Mary Magdalen the study group.

STUDIO CLASSES (Maximum 6 students)
We are getting to the point where I am considering NEW class on Tuesdays and Saturdays
MONDAY (full), WEDNESDAY (full),  AND FRIDAY I have a vacancy in this class.
I am taking bookings for a Tuesday 5.30 Restorative class AND LONGEVITY YOGA Saturday morning at 10am.

Last week I had to have my blood test done (supposed to be two yearly – I waited four).  It was a fasting test but I didn’t mind as I didn’t have any power during the fasting period which made it easier.  On Monday I got a call from the Medical practice, they wanted me to come in to discuss the results.  Of course I wondered what was up?

What they actually got me in for was the fact that my blood work was so extraordinarily good, the results were so far ahead of the vast majority of people in the practice, they wondered what I had been doing to get this fabulous result.  They said I was almost another species!

So here I am, in the senior years, leading the pack as regards to health.  Why?  Because I do MY BRAND OF YOGA – GITA, have an almost vegan diet, ride my under-the-desk cycle for about 170 kilometres per week AND I AM HAPPY.  All these things make a difference.  He did say I should drink more water, but that is a trifle.  I can do that.

If you want to have your blood work resemble mine, then you have to do what I do.  It will save you money and lengthen your life.

I don’t teach “fitness yoga”, I look after my cerebrospinal system, I boost my endocrine system with the yoga I do, and I eat a diet that enhances my life… and the students who follow me get fabulous results.  They are winning in the LONGEVITY STAKES – ARE YOU?  

If you want to live well, happy and mentally alert (LIKE ME), and die saying “WOW, WOW, WOW” like Steve Jobs, then come to a class with me.  I will want you to do a one-on-one so you and I both know the work that is in front us, then you can join any class that suits where you are at.  Start with Restorative, move to Hatha (GITA).   I will want you to do home work, just a little – you will not be the best you can be by only coming to one class.  Please think about it, commit, and you will see the results – it is NOT about standing on your head! and it’s not about doing hours of yoga a day.  Call me to start your journey.