Dear Yogis.

Saturday from 1pm.
 I am going to be available if you would like to come along and see my tattoo designs, talks about a tiny design on your body, and have me design one just for you.  I charge $85 for a TINY TATTOO, they take about an hour, and would love to see you.  Come on Saturday and have a look – think about it – it is a forever thing.

Saturday 2 – 4pm.  Studio day.  We are doing knitting and crochet, but if you want help with a drawing or other craft, then we can do that.  The cost is $25 for 2 hours.

SUNDAY 10am The Gita Group.
 Everyone welcome

MONDAY: 6.30 MARY MAGDALEN. A fascinating study about a fascinating woman.  If the Church had not excised her Gospel, and portrayed her as the Minister and Teacher she was, imagine what the role of women in society would have been from then on.  Hugely different I think.  A pivotal woman.  You need to know about her.  I am waiting for someone to write a book about Jesus and Mary in the missing years.  They were both missing.  Were they together?

TUESDAY:  7.30 The Rumi Group.  This week “Love”.



OK. What has yoga got to do with Telstra?  Lots.  If I don’t have a service I can’t send out the newsletter and I can’t zoom and i can’t email. Would that make a difference (?) sure would.  If you lose your cool with Telstra, you haven’t understood Karma.

THE STORY.  On Wednesday I came down into the office, turned everything on, then went to have breakfast as usual.  When I had finished breakfast and came in to start on the emails the modem wasn’t functioning.  No internet.  So I did all the usual things.  Still no internet.  I spent from 8.30 to 11.30 speaking to a lovely Telstra yogi in India about the problem.

She patiently helped me, and inbetween whilst we were “waiting” we talked about yoga, India, her town and the books I am waiting for from Gorakhpur.  Did I get service? Amazing service.  You can go for all the fancy broadbands, but only Telstra does the cables and only NBN does the NBN.  So, she said I would have to be booked in and the first available appointment for both Telstra and NBN was 8th June!!!  How to get around that.  I asked if I could pay for  a special service call. YES!  

Would it make a difference?  Telstra would be there at 12 noon. Wednesday.  The same day! OK at 12 noon the Telstra man was ringing the doorbell.  I was amazed.  He looked at the problem and determined that it was an NBN problem.  Whilst he was here he replaced sockets and did other clever things, but we were back to June 8th for NBN service.

The Telstra person in India made my phone into a hotspot, and organised for a dongle to be posted to me so I could link to my modem.  So,  thanks to the hotspot I was able to email.  I decided to go to Telstra in Gisborne and get a dongle,(as insurance).  I went this morning, and got a great discount, and a fabulous wi-fi modem that is rechargeable from my powerpoint and will be great for multiple computers.

Am I happy with Telstra? Absolutely.  If you live near the Gisborne Telstra Business Centre and you need help, ask for WILL.  He is smart.  Very smart.  Is exiled from the aeronautics industry because of Covid.  Do you want him to look after your problem – yes, because he sees outside the box. Is patient, pleasant, and totally what you would want when you are drowning in tech problems as I was.  He made it easy.

As I said.  No matter how wonderful you might think switching to a broadband rival might me.  Telstra has, and controls all the infrastructure.  

If you don’t lose your temper, if you make friends, you will get fabulous service.  If I have it everyone can get it.  Try it.  If you have started on the wrong foot, remember you are yogis..  I have had yogis tell me with pride how they screamed at the Telstra service people, how they lost their cool on line or the phone.  KARMA?

THE BACK STORY:  Before this whole saga.  I was saying to God, “….am I going in the right direction?” and then the internet went down… and I said “What is this? if you want me to keep going, then I am going to need a miracle – two weeks with no internet is like moving to the moon”….and I got a miracle.  So I guess I am going in the right direction.  A timely reminder.  “Nothing happens that is not the will of God – trust this”

If you can just breathe, understand that the people around you, even Telstra,  are doing their best.  If you  give them your best – you will be happy.  It is easy to get angry.  It is easy to “vent”.   Remember the way you manage you day will determine the rest of your life.  See these interactions as part of your yoga journey.