Hi there Yogis,

ZOOM: Monday 6.30pm Mary Magdalen.  I just think the knots and tangles the Catholic Church has got itself into trying to explain away a female Minister/Healer/Teacher that Mary clearly was, is so funny.  Come on the journey with us.
Tuesday 7.30 THE RUMI GROUP.  When we finish this and we are getting close, we have a couple of options.  We could do Mary Magdalene…?
Sunday 10am.  The ‘GITA.  We are almost finished this too, and i think we are all agreed that we will move to THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD/THE KING JAMES ED. OF THE BIBLE.  You may not thinks they have anything in common, but yes they do.

SATURDAY – STUDIO.  1pm to 2pm TATTOO AND (CBD) INFORMATION SESSION.  for those people who would like to come and chat about TATTOOS (TINY TATTOOS) and see our designs.  They are tiny, they are meaningful, and i can do a design (and a tattoo) just for you.  I like henna colour.  It is what I use for me.

CBD.  Under certain conditions CBD was made ‘SEMI-LEGAL” in February.  Lets talk about CBD, Cannabis and you.  1pm to 2pm

SATURDAY STUDIO:  2pm to 4pm the ART GROUP.  I think we are going to work on craft.  Get self sufficient with knitting and crochet.  If you want to join us.  Please do.  $25 for the class.  From  2pm to 4pm.


More and more interesting..

said the “Mad-Hatter”? “Alice”?  Maybe it’s the “Red Pill” makes all the difference.  But whatever it is, a lot of fabulous things have happened.  I have met with students I haven’t seen for years – and they are coming back to class.  Something is moving, and I am so pleased.  Welcome.


THE FIBRE BIBLE for Happy Guts.

One of our long time yogis (Pete Heine) has written this fabulous book, and before I had even had it an hour, I had put together one meal, and planned two more.  The photos are stunning, the directions are clear and well planned out, and easy to follow without a mountain of ingredients, and pages of method.  If I can make a meal look and taste fantastic – YOU CAN TOO.

You all know I don’t have a stove, but even with my very basic implements, I was able to put together a great meal.  Good food, close to the earth (not meat), but satisfying, easy and nutritious.  On Friday and then on Saturday I have people coming over, and I am cooking from this book.  It is all quick, simple and looks like Donna Hay is in the kitchen to help out.

My guts are very important to me, and yours should be too.  This is what I had from the book for lunch (pic to the right).  I had made this type of food in the past, but hadn’t put it together in this way,  or as beautifully.  But this lunch time I did.  No thermomix required!

To see more recipes, and to buy a copy – mine was a bargain I will use over and over again – and under $20 at our Trading Post which is always the first with the latest. You can buy the digital version for $10.  Go to WWW.THEFIBREBIBLE.COM


We started our Mary Magdalen group on Monday.  The Catholic Church has portrayed her as a harlot, penitent yes, but a sinner all the same. Nowhere, nowhere in the bible does it say so.  It does say there is a Mary who qualifies, but it is quite clear that “Mary the Sinner” and Mary Magdalen are two different Marys, but very convenient for the Church.

When I was researching for the MARY TAROT I am making, the hard part was finding images of Mary which made her look “useful” (hard to find the right word here).  Mostly she is looking sad, looking around for Jesus or looking to the heavens for help, hands in a prayer position.

There was only one picture that I could find of her teaching a multitude, and then, there is a very interesting, over-looked painting by Caravaggio (I think in The Louvre) of her in “ecstasy”.  However, if you look with human eyes you see why she is feeling pretty pleased with herself, and exhausted,  and it has nothing to do with Jesus – this is my opinion and the opinion of other art historians.  You can make up your own mind.  Pope Gregory who branded her a whore would have had a hard time with this painting..

I am very inspired by the Mary in the Gospel of Mary.  The actual Gospel which was dropped from the bible by Constantine.  Herod was trying to enlist Constantine’s help (on the basis of ganging followers and making money), and if it meant dropping gospel or two, it made no difference to him.  It has made a big difference to us!  Imagine having the gospels of  Matthew,Mark, Luke, John,  Thomas and Mary.  Then, women would have had to be let into the teaching and ministry, and in real life had the opportunities afforded to men.  Not all, but most.

This decision to exclude women, and have them presumed sinners, temptresses, of weak mind, and wanton has changed the way that women have been viewed.  We can’t change the past, but maybe we can influence the future.

First we have to rescue Mary from the tawdry Papal implications, and see her as she really was and is..  You can’t change Mary by standing outside her story – you have to get right into it.  You are teachers.  Study – Teach!!!!


I will see you on the mat.

Namaste – Jahne