Dear Yogis,

As I said to the RUMI STUDY GROUP –
I do a lot of thinking in the shower (not good for the water consumption!) and  it occurred to me that so many of you are going  ‘off-piste”, going on holidays and generally getting back into your hectic social lives after covid,  that I may take a creative break and focus on me too, instead of running around trying to interest you in the things of the Spirit.

NOT BECAUSE I NEED A REST (!) but because I need to be working to a group who need me.  Students who come to class and to zoom because the information is important to their lives and their community.  I am not here for entertainment when nothing better is on offer.  I don’t have the time.

If you want me, you will know where to find me, I may be even easier to find.  I will notify you of changes via the newsletter – which will only be helpful if you read it.  From next week, (unless I get a lot of request otherwise) I will only do one newsletter a week…I will limit classes, with lots of notice so don’t worry.   The rest of the time I will concentrate on drawing and writing.  I have commissions, I have projects,  I have another fulfilling life (I don’t just exist on the yoga mat and the screen),  and I do have a community which responds aside from yoga – and I am going to focus on them.   I am very busy, and will get busier.  I am even contemplating a second doctorate.

After 50 years as a handmaiden to my yogis, this is going to be a change for us all.  I don’t know how it will work, I don’t know about tomorrow, anything could happen – I do know I want to live well and happy today.    “Nothing can befall us other than that ordained by Allah – trust in HIM”.  I haven’t met Shams, but I am open to it.

Workshop: 20th February. 10am ZOOM. for details.

Not one of my artworks, but definitely orb-like.

Everything around us is composed of molecules, which are composed of atoms, which are composed of sub-atomic bits called protons (which have a positive charge), neutrons (which have no charge) and electrons (which have a negative charge).  All matter at its most basic level is energy.  

“We cannot separate life from living matter, inevitably studying living matter and its reactions we are studying life itself”. (Szent-Gyorgyi)  What distinguishes inanimate objects like rocks from animate objects like birds, animals, plants is the level of energy or the “excitability” of electrons within the atoms that make up the molecules in matter.

The breakdown of this electron excitability is what causes metal to rust and what turns leaves brown and crinkly and causes them to die.  Human also “rust” – This “rust” is disease  A good example is cancer which thrives in an environment of low oxygen.  We need to flood our bodies with constant levels of oxygen.

Breathing deeply, slow and strong,  LESS,  AND THROUGH THE NOSE, balances the levels of respiratory gases in the body and sends the maximum amount of oxygen to the maximum amount of tissues in order  that our cells have the maximum of electron activity.

The name is different  for different cultures – PRANA, CHI, RUAH, but the principle is the same.  IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BREATH.  

For good health and a long productive, THINKING life, we all need to know the lost art and science of breathing.