Dear Yogis,

What an inspired/inspiring weekend.  The zoom meetings were truly stupendous… wonderful.  The tarot class was just so much fun, and the Gita on Sunday morning really covered a lot of ground.  I wish you could be with us.  What is more important than “life”?  Anything else is illusion.  A lovely illusion, comfortable, but not “life” from a Gita point of view.  We took a lot of our text from my personal notes from my Oxford studies, leaning on Prabhupada’s translation and the expanded view by Yogananada which brings in koshas and chakras.


MONDAY: This afternoon at 1pm there is a STUDIO yoga class.  It is Hatha, and there is one vacancy.

*YOGA MONTHLY LUNCHEON: 11th December at 12noon at Mt.Macedon Hotel Please email me to book.
*CHRISTMAS HOLS  Last class December 23rd at 5.30.  First class of new year –  1pm Monday January 11th.

VISION BOARDS:  I have asked if any of you would be interested to take part in a VISION BOARD making class.  An afternoon (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)  Let me know if any of those days are available for you, and let’s do this.  I think it would be most helpful.  We are coming out of Covid, having to re-think our lives, and a vision board is just made for this kind of growth.  It would be simple, not expensive, and we would all learn something.  I would continue with my big board, and you could begin any size you like.  A$ would be a good starting point.”

This photo is not of a vision board, but it could be.  I just started cutting and pasting, and as I am working through it I see it is my yoga morning practice. Interesting how I would make a painting of it.  It certainly is meaningful…  “how” meaningful is yet to be made known.


“PPT + CRANIOSACRAL  COMBO MASSAGE”…plus some Bowen moves.  Yes, it all fits together like the most inspired jigsaw.

I have been getting back to massage with great purpose since the covid has been lifted, and as always I have re-membered how I love working with the body.  Palpating, feeling the muscles and the bones, working with the nervous system..  This week I have had a number of terminally ill patients come to me, and I am so glad that I have the combo of PPT, craniosacral  and the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid knowledge (.. and I feel I am just a beginner).  How I would have managed without this understanding I just don’t know.

Maybe you need a refresher? AN EXTENSION TO YOUR YOGA/MASSAGE KNOWLEDGE?   Maybe you have just been doing the physical massage and would like to work into a massage that will “speak” to the nervous system.  I am not sure how we would do it, but I would like to try zooming a short course… There is a way I am sure.   I am making a plan and will get back to you.

The work that I am doing has the potential of providing dramatic help to a significant number of so-called “medical basket cases”.. and others for whom conventional medicine has proved ineffective.  Orthodox medicine has yet to acknowledge the the existence of the cranio-sacral system and its pathophysiologic significance.  They have still failed to embrace the concept of dynamic activity involving skull bones, meningeal membranes, cerebro spinal fluid, the intracranial vascular system, the development of the brain, the movement of the body fluids, the tonicity of the muscles and the function of total body connective tissues as influenced by the craniosacral (cerebrospinal)system, and the cerebrospinal fluid that we talk so much about, and work on influencing in our restorative yoga practice.

My teachings in massage (“my way”) are for anyone who is a body worker... that is,  anyone in a healing profession who uses their hands as  diagnostic or therapeutic  tools.  Let me know if you would like to take you understanding, and your facility in this technique further.  Email me at


I am here – Learn from me.