Dear Yogis,

What’s Holding you back? Do you blame it on the Stars you were born under?

Our zodiac signs reveal so much about our personalities, gifts and abilities. But they also reveal repetitive patterns that can hold us back from achieving our true potential. Did you know that each zodiac sign can draw in a specific type of relationship? Each member of the zodiac also subconsciously can sabotage their good luck. We need to  work through their challenges, and Bach remedies can assist.

There is so much information in Our Saturday HERBAL class/workshop, we can’t possible list it all in one paragraph .    It’s a real eye opener. With this knowledge, you can begin making positive changes in your life immediately!  Not just how to make Bach remedies, but how to use the herbs for many applications.

Aries Bach Flower Recommendation – Impatiens, Taurus Bach Flower Recommendation – Oak, Gemini Bach Flower Recommendation – Heather, Cancer Bach Flower Recommendation – Honeysuckle,  Leo Bach Flower Recommendation – Vervain
Virgo Bach Flower Recommendation – Mustard , Libra Bach Flower Recommendation – Scleranthus,  Scorpio Bach Flower Recommendation – Chicory, Sagittarius Bach Flower Recommendation – Agrimony,  Capricorn Bach Flower Recommendation – Rock Water,  Pisces Bach Flower Recommendation – Wild-Rose

It is not just about which remedy, for the most powerful result, it is also about WHERE you place the remedy.  This all will be covered in our course and Saturday 2pm Herbal Zoom Workshop.  The details are in our website

SCHEDULE (details in

ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training/Gita, Tuesday 7.30 CCP or HERBAL depending on support, Friday 6.45 Tarot.

Saturday 2pm Herbal Workshop. – you will learn to identify the herbs, how to grow them or find them,  learn how to use them, and to link that with astrology, pendulum, tarot.  STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30.

STUDIO OPEN DAY SUNDAY 30TH JANUARY 12 NOON TO 4PM.  You can come and see the tattoo designs – decide on one for you, art for sale, Collectibles for sale… talk with me about Bach, even a walk around the garden.  It would just be lovely to see you.  We think there is something special in buying art directly from the artist, and to make this possible , if you see art that you love at this Open Day,  you can buy it on 10% deposit and the balance over 10 weeks.

DEALING WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE SELF:   I try to prepare you for the road ahead, and how to live more easily with yourself, others, and the difficult world we face,  by teaching you new skills.

Fortunately, the Buddha provides us with a wide range of skilful means to deal more wisely with difficult issues. The most useful of all the skilful means is the development of friendliness or metta bhavana. While this practice is usually taught as a way of spreading universal well-being or kindness throughout the world, most practically it is first necessary to develop friendliness towards one’s own unpleasant experiences. Only when we are truly openly friendly towards our selves in all of its aspects can we really share well-being with others.

Thus, we start by developing friendliness towards our own aches and pains, our annoyances and irritations, our anger and frustrations, etc., etc. How friendly can you be to these experiences? This is, of course, a developing process. Can you really be openly friendly, welcoming and accepting of all the unpleasant aspects of your self?

Gradually, our ignorance and fear of unpleasant experiences rests more easily with us.  When this occurs we can more peacefully see them as unstable, impersonal processes, which are part and parcel of the on-going web of life – something everyone experiences. The compounded fear and hostility around unpleasant feelings gives way to a receptive and peaceful well-being.

ABOUT BEES:  The whole fabric of honey bee society depends on communication – on an innate ability to send and receive messages to encode and decode information.