First Class on Saturday 1st February 2pm to 4pm.  You get a deck of my tarot cards included as part of the course (not an add-on).  Please bring paper and pen to make notes.  It is a three class course taken on consecutive Saturdays.

This is a great time to check in with yourself and your progress so far this year.  How aligned are you to where your heart lies?  How excited are you about the year ahead?

If like so many you feel not quite together – and with all this anxious talk about fire and loss it is easy to crumble…  it is time to bring the deck out to play.

I have always loved THE THREE CARD SPREAD.  We always start our reading this way….How simple is this?

There are many variations – but don’t get too esoteric.  This supposed to be easy!  You can choose any or all of these simple, 3-Card Tarot Spreads to help you on your way.

  1. Mind/Body/Spirit/ (the yoga way)
  2. Your Conscious /Your Sub-Conscious /Your Super-Conscious  (The QHHT past-life way.  A good way to get the nod from your superconscious.)
  3. The Past/ Your Current Path/Your Potential
  4. Your Life path/The Ego/The action required to get where you need to be.

We will go through these and more when you come to the tarot course.  It is an easy course, and after you start (even before the end), you will be a far more confident reader for yourself and your friends.  You could even take an advanced course and do the Tarot to supplement your present income, or replace it altogether.  You are in charge.

I look forward to seeing you.  Enquiries…

Don’t forget “Yoga Persons”.  Teacher Training on Sunday 2nd February.    The Studio – 2pm to 4pm.


Namaste.  jahne