It has been a tense time – I am sure you felt it in the air.  It is more palpable here in a bushfire area!.  Note to self, more yoga more meditation needed.  I have spent time in the garden, clipping and clearing. and learned the importance of introducing myself and offering gratitude to the garden, and saying how beautiful it is, and thanking the trees and bushes I have trimmed for their shade and calm places. More writing (yes, I got the DOLL MAKING BOOK finished and on Etsy, once more, thanking the computer for its assistance, and giving it time to respond…  Years ago it took weeks to get an answer, now we get antsy if 5 minutes has elapsed between send and receive.


TEACHER TRAINING THIS SUNDAY ABOUT MONEY – making it, and keeping it.  I am organised for this, and ready for it myself.  

In the rest of the time, I have prepared the notes for the start of the TAROT READING CLASS starting THIS Saturday 2pm (yes, there is still time to sign up and come and don’t forget  Teacher Training on Sunday 2pm.

My children used to call me “THE NEAT FREAK”.  I am not sure I was into extreme neat, but I was certainly neater than them – I am not sure that is still the case, but children, I still know how to organise a desk or a cupboard or a house and i can organise your MIND, or show you how to..  The first step AS ALWAYS, is to introduce yourself to the area you will be clearing (a short meditate to the “SPIRIT of Books or acknowledging the EGO” for instance before you start.  Just being flippant, but I certainly pray).  Being cluttered is costing you money.  Being cluttered in your mind is doing the same thing.  TAROT could be called “mental de-cluttering”.  LOVE IT OR LOOSE IT…. Getting everything in order to allow you to move forward.

See you Sunday.  Sending you love and health in this most difficult of seasons in our ‘sunburnt country”.

Namaste – Jahne