Good morning yogis,

SCHOLARSHIP:  As I have said to you the start of the next MASSAGE CLASS is almost on our doorstep.  Starts on the 22nd of October.  Four (or maybe more) Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm with home study.  I have offered one scholarship but have not even got one response.  Take note – Awarding the scholarship is NOT first come, first served.  It MAY be about financial need.  It MAY be about something else.  However, not even one person has applied.  Apparently you are all ready to walk forward supporting us,  as you allow us to support you.  Thank you those who have put their name down for the next school.  There are only TWO vacancies left.

THE HOLIDAYS:  I totally let these dates slip past and didn’t think until reminded by a mum in class.  Our last class is this Saturday, the 21st September.  Our first class in the next term will be the FIRST Saturday in October – the 5th October.   Although there won’t be any yoga classes in this time, there will be time to have a healing or massage or past life therapy with me.  Please email me to set up an appointment.  Healing Massage 1 hour $85 or a (pre-booked) pack of 5 for $400,  Past-Life therapy 2 hours $250.  No eftpos, please prepare and bring cash, or you can pre-pay via direct debit.  Make sure you email me the receipt – when I receive the receipt, we can move forward.  Direct Debit:  063 806 1019 1251  Commonwealth Bank Woodend.  The Australasian Yoga Institute.

GEELONG:  On the 20th of October I will be leading a small (morning) retreat in Restorative for a yoga centre in Pt.Cook.  A great opportunity. I have invited all of you to organise such a meeting so I can come teach with you – and this teacher (Bek Blake) has done it beautifully.  Very, very professional.  Every minute is planned and there is no guess work.  The students are already signed up.  This is the way to do it.

Organisation and discipline in all things is the mark of a truly great teacher who will go a long way, and have a fantastic business.  If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.  You can’t help others, teach, donate, be present in the moment –  if you can’t help yourself, or if you have no support.  Everyone needs a spiritual director.  Everyone.

The picture is of my piggy bank.  I put my 50cent pieces there and when it gets full I donate it.  I can’t donate it or use it, if I don’t fill it up.  I have a mobile phone.  It won’t work if I don’t re-charge it.  Are you re-charging yourself? Or are you running on empty?

TEACHER TRAINING AT THE STUDIO:  6th October, 2pm to 4pm..  Our next teacher training subject is “DEATH AND BEYOND”.  Please join us, and if you want, please bring a friend.  There will be NO hand-outs, and I discourage recordings.  Please bring some cave man stuff – a paper and a pen, which forces you to work, to participate and remember.  Don’t just be a spectator.  Students $20 and visitors $30.


I am talking to you all.  Have a great day – a FANTASTIC day.