Hi there fantastic you,

Are you passionate about wellness?

About inspiring others to live their best lives?

About creating a future that’s focused on health instead of illness?

…Then read on, because the yoga world needs YOU!


School holidays is upon us.  Please look at your diaries and make sure everything is in order.  Make sure you have logged in everything that needs to be done, and removed those things you have overbooked.  It is easy to do.  The next yoga class here at the Studio is Saturday the 5th October – Teacher Training the next day the 6th October, Bendigo teacher training on the 8th.  Massage every day except Thursday.

TYOH OIL/ESSENTIAL OILS – Clinicians out there will know that dropper bottles are getting harder to buy (unless you are buying in big, big numbers), and droppers are getting harder to get (and more expensive).  So I am just flagging that there will be a small price increase.  I don’t know how much – but it is inevitable, and I am just flagging it to you ahead of time so you won’t be surprised.

HEMP OIL (CBD) INFORMATION SESSION. This coming Saturday, September 28 at 2pm, we are hosting a fun, free and informative studio event about our HEMP NUTRITION and supplementation  program…… the same program that many of our yogis and  friends have come along to. There is a lot of misinformation out there about hemp, marijuana, hemp oil, hemp seeds, CBD,  and the law.     If you are confused – and who wouldn’t be – please come to this session on Saturday 28th September at 2pm.  I will even make some of my famous hemp seed goodies.  Fabulous hemp dip and crackers.  I look forward to seeing you.

If you’ve ever even had a glimmer of a thought that you might like to make a career of helping others to live healthier, more positive lives, then you need to come along….more and more people realize that food and lifestyle are the keys to long-lasting positive changes.

MASSAGE.  Because there are no yoga classes, I am able to do more massages, and I am feeling young enough to do more!  Please email me yogafirst2@bigpond.com to book a time.  Any day except Thursday – yes, Saturday and Sunday bookings available.  You can have PPT, Reiki, relaxation with oils etc.  This maybe the perfect time to do something fabulous just for you!


I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and blessings.