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GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS ONES  Honouring the Universe – The philosophy of The Australasian Yoga Institute….   Dedicated to a tradition of excellence in teaching for more than 40 years, The Australasian Yoga Institute offers yoga teachers comprehensive and systematic training in classical yoga.  We teach yoga techniques for body, breath, mind and spirit in 200hr and 500hr certification programs.  Our programs include training in meditation, asana.

THE YAMAS – I cannot stress these too much.
If you come to me to be registered in our organisation (and baby,  it is growing and is going to take some BIG leaps)  and you haven’t done the yamas, guess what, you will have to do a workshop and an exam…..  For me, the philosophy of yoga is the most important.  There is NOTHING more important.  We start there.

I have never liked the (Christian) “Thou Shalt Not” approach and am trying out a new one.  What do you think of this.

“Just for today I will not kill thoughts, hopes, aspirations,  confidence.  I will not kill.”
“Just for today I will work on telling the truth”
“Just for today I will work on not stealing”
“Just for today I will work on respecting all people and all things”
“Just for today I will work on not taking more of anything than what I need”.

TALKING ABOUT THE YAMAS – “sand to pearls”.
What is the grit in your shoe?  
Remember my last newsletter… “……She quoted often from the Old Testament as though this was appropriate in those terms for today.  I wonder if she uses oil lamps in her home, or uses a computer.  Not sure what Abraham, or Paul or even Ezekiel would think about our technology!

I don’t know if you have really read the Old Testament, but I think those guys were way ahead in their experiences if not in their understandings.  They were shepherds, tax collectors and general run of the mill villagers….    The Old Testament was written a long time ago when those in charge were trying to make a community out of a motley group of shepherds and farmers in the desert.  They wrote about what they felt and experienced in terms that they understood, and it is out of this society that we get the pages and pages of rules and the Ten COMMANDMENTS.  The people of this desert community would die from information overload if they were dropped into our society.  They probably would worship the computer as a God.  You press a button and a voice comes from heaven.

However, no matter if it is 4,500 years ago, 2000 years ago or  yesterday (or today), to have the best life we can and keep out of trouble in this life and the next, to make the best choices,  we are going to have to live according to a few rules, and the yamas make sense to me.  They are INSPIRATIONS for living not RULES for living.  

Do you really want to be healed, do you want to live the best you can?  As long as you keep hanging on to stuff you know doesn’t work, you don’t hurt enough yet.  

If the Yamas teach us anything, they say that we don’t have to live in that decision.  It is never to late to start living the Yamas.  Recognise the problem, repent (decide not to do it again and say sorry), and move forward.  Use your problem,  this bump in the road to give you the lift you need to move forward – to understand the pain.   Using the wisdom of doing wrong in order to do right.

Going forward takes courage and we are often crippled with fear.  We don’t think we can overcome it.  A trusted friend or counsellor can help us to get on the road to recovery. Voice your pain and take it to the Universe, God or a friend.  It is the first step to putting the burden down.  Don’t carry it around.  Resentment turns into anger and it is poisonous.  This constant negative tape is debilitating and in fact you probably are not telling the truth to yourself.  Instead, choose a yama and work on it.  PRAY.  MAKE YOUR MESS INTO YOUR MESSAGE.

I am a recovering perfectionist.  I know now that I don’t have to achieve love – in fact I know I can’t achieve love.  I can only give love, and recognise it when it comes to me, and give thanks.

(if you want to experience past life with me and can come visit – or want to check when I will be near you – email me at

I hope that you all have made a note in your diary for Margaret’s FERMENTATION WORKSHOP on Sunday.  Teacher Training will be fabulous this time.  We have a few things planned, a cake especially made by the local “cake Boss” at Blackbird cakes is just the beginning.  So, whatever you do, plan to be here.  Remember to come in through the Romsey Road gate.  Park to the left or the right of the gate only – NOT straight ahead even if it is about 20 steps closer to the door.  We will have a photo session, and it will be super special.  Breaking news about a journey that has just taken me so many years to achieve for you all.   BE THERE!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.  I imagine that we will not end at 4pm as we usually do.  I could be wrong, but give yourself some wriggle room.

I will pass the hat around to pay for Margaret’s time and preparation – if you want to take home some ferment for your own use, something you may have made in the class, BRING SOME SMALL GLASS BOTTLES.  There is also the usual $10 fee for the Teacher Training.

What you are may sometimes miss the mark,  a prisoner in liberty.  Get up somehow, get clean right now and be a happy, happy child set free.

I am so enjoying your fantastic responses to my writing.  Even those who are not entirely on the same page.  There is always someone who won’t entirely paddle alongside, but just get it that I write to take you on a journey.  You may not like it today, but just put it aside, put it on your fridge and think about it.  One day you will get what I am trying to say – even I learn something every time I write.  It forces me to be more succinct.  I am sure you find this in your writing too.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand, don’t worry if you think I am nuts, don’t worry if you think I am an old grouch – I probably am.  Just know that everyday I am working to make you the best yoga teachers you can be.  That is ALL that I do with my days.  I hold the space – FOR YOU.

We are still asking for your help. I wondered if any of you out there had finished with their book and would like to sell it back to us, WE WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT OFF YOU.  We can get it secondhand from time to time for $25 to $30.  We will buy yours off you for $25 plus whatever is the postage cost.  Email us if you would like to sell yours, and Deb will call you to organise.

YOGA CLASSES- Classes held at Bentinck
Cost:  $10 per person per class (or $100 a 12 class pass:  non–transferable).  
$15 mum plus little yoga bub. $25 per family (mum, dad and two primary school children.  
Young adults $10 each).

Monday  5.30 RESTORATIVE, 6.30 General class with  Nicole
Tuesday 10am RESTORATIVE and 7.30  General class with Brad, 
Wednesday 12.30 General class with Kalma, 
Friday 6.30 General class with Nicholas, 
Saturday. 10am General class with Nicole (9am and 12.30 RESTORATIVE)

*RESTORATIVE YOGA (all classes with with Jahne) is a beautiful, gentle yoga which is done using lots of props and lots of time.  No balancing, no headstands, nothing but gentle stretches and rests.  You and/or a friend will love it especially if you have had surgery, are anxious, haven’t exercised for years, have a weight problem, or have a neurological problem.  It is also a PERFECT pre and postnatal session – if you are pregnant, please get a  doctors certificate and bring it to your first class – not because I think you are unwell, but as it is an insurance requirement.
“The Bentinck” is on the corner of the Romsey Road and the High Street in Woodend.  Enter from  the start of the Romsey Road only.

No matter which class you come to – as you enter the Romsey Road gate, Yoga parking is either to the left or the right of the gate.  If that is full, then the space over the road is always available.  PLEASE DON’T park in the central space – even it is empty and you are late, this is for Innisfree staff coming and going.  If you are looking for any changes in times and days, then please go to the web site.  You will find everything there. There is also our blog

NEXT TEACHER TRAINING CLASS – subject: “FERMENTATION” The next will be the first Sunday in October at the Bentinck – in the Yoga Room.  Please join us.  We will pass the hat around to pay for Margaret’s time and preparation and the gorgeous vegetables from her garden she brings along.    

Teacher training:  This is going to be a very special Yoga Teacher Training and probably will go later than the usual 4pm finish.   If you are a distance ed. student then the cost of the afternoon is $10 (on top of Margarets fee).  If you are a visitor you are most welcome – and if you are not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $20.  

THE FORGIVENESS BOOK This book is still travelling,  keep it moving along, the list is longish.   And…..If you would like to be next on the list of 108 people, please email me…

Everything will change for you when you work out that there is plenty of time in every day to complete the important things.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – “JAHNE’S YOGA UNIVERSITY” AT A FANTASTIC PRICE FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS…. our classes are available via distance education and you can start any time..  Thank you to those students who are moving from their 200 to another, higher course.  Once you have got into the habit of learning, then it is easy to keep going….

Within our school there are three levels of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, plus a course in the Gita, the fundamental source of all yoga teaching through the ages.

*THE BHAGAVADGITA (and YOGA PHILOSOPHY) which is like a Certificate or Diploma Level,  RYTA 200 which is our “degree course”  and     *RYTA500 the “masters”.

Most people have never met, and don’t understand, that there are angels all around us whose only job is to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable, fall asleep and miss the important moments (and gifts) in your life.

THE SHOP and ETSY As usual we are ahead of the pack.  Colouring books are the new big thing, and we have had our colouring-in posters available for a long time now.
This week I received an email from one of our students who had purchased the chakras and colouring book and REALISED THAT COLOURING THE DRAWINGS  WAS A MEDITATION.  I celebrated.  It has taken a year for a student to understand the reason for the drawings. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU……!!!
ALL OUR IN-HOUSE DVD’S AND CD’S ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE.  Please remember that they are not flashy high cost productions.  They are made by Deb and me to answer your various questions.  They are useful in your course.

 I move with the infinite in nature’s power.  I hold the fire of the soul.  I hold the life and healing”. (Rig Veda)

REGISTRATION/INSURANCE We are giving you total choice now, although it may be a bit more expensive…..

YOUR TEACHER TRAINING YEAR (or so): If you are a trainee Yoga Teacher who has been working on the course for more than a year please understand that your course fee only gives you FREE classes with me for your first training year – the first 12 months only.     Imagine if what would happen to our Institute if  you took three years to finish your course and you could still come to classes free for the entire course.  We do our fee calculation based on 12 months of free yoga classes.   Your training fees cover you for a year, after that we ask you to pay $10 per class.  

Also, just signing up and not sending in any modules means you are not really a trainee yoga teacher, and unless we receive regular communication (even if it isn’t modules), at a certain point we will deem that you have disconnected from us, and we will disconnect from you.  And, coming to class with no intention of completing the course just to get the cheaper, easier student insurance, and free classes isn’t exactly living the yamas!  Sooner or later we will call your bluff.

I have found  if you paddle your boat it is easier to maintain the illusion of control, but I tell you it is so much more fun if you pull the oars in and just let the river take you where it will….

VIDEOS:  THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL – THEY ARE NECESSARY! Only $275 per annum. Please look down the list of the videos before you try to do stick drawings, or organise your journal.  I have shown you what I recommend..  All you have to do is download.  I even did a video on ‘The Gita.  Good feedback thus far – thank you.      Please.  Email us and Debbie will make sure that you are logged in promptly. OH YES, IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE SUBSCRIPTION, THEN PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS.  IF YOUR NAME IS NOT EDGAR CAYCE THEN YOU CAN’T LEARN WHAT IS ON THE TAPE FROM SLEEPING WITH YOUR COMPUTER!
YOUR HEALTH TEAM Good Health is a team effort, and not a one person try and fail, try and fail effort.  You will need to try and adjust and move forward that is true, and this is easier if you have a few people to go to. I believe it is all about balance.  About lifestyle.   For my bones and muscles I don’t go to a nutritionist (necessarily), I head to my neuromuscular specialist Dr. Brett at Gisborne Chiropractic.  For my gut problems I go to Dr. Gigante a herbalist/TCM, and when I feel I need a supplement and this happens less and less, I speak to Margaret Armstrong who is a body ecologist who believes as I do that food is medicine.  Of course yoga and meditation is something that is a given in my day, and I am my own physician in this case.  I also eat whole food, and grow what I can – this also reflects my health perspective. 

Don’t wait until you have an illness until you see your health team.  Go regularly to be kept well.  It is an old Chinese point of view.  The Doctor was there to keep you well, not to just make you well.

Getting a drug to market costs 1.3 million dollars (or was it billion).  Herbalists for instance have been trained in evaluating herbs from your garden.  Learn about your health, learn how you can use what you already have at hand to keep you healthy.  You wouldn’t go to Mc.Donalds to get your car fixed.  Don’t go to a chemical company to get help for your body.   Read and get smart.

GARDENING WITH BENEFITS More Weeding, weeding out the forget-me-nots and the sticky weed which are horrible as they die back.  Strike now before they die, and leave a few just to liven things up in the garden, but rip them up before they go to seed.   What more can I say.  It is hugely important to get on top of those weeds.  That is all that I am concentrating on at present.  Weeds, Weeds, Weeds.  

The sticky weed is a herb (as are the forget-me-nots) , the seeds of which were used as a replacement for coffee beans in the war.  We are not at war, so keep the weed under control  The tips can be eaten I am told (I haven’t), but I did used to make an anti-rhuematic oil from sticky weed which was hugely popular with the Italian community.  
CHICK PEA PIZZA.   Make your base with chick pea flour.  3 cups besan (chick pea flour)  3 tabls oil etc  and 2 cups+ of water, salt.  Mix in a bowl.  The result is a lot runnier than a pizza base, a pancake batter rather than a dough.  Heat up a couple of big onions in oil until they caramalise.  Grease a tray and pour the base mixture into a tray.  Put in the oven at 180 for half an hour.  You do gets cracks and shrinkage.  THEN, when you take it out of the oven dress with tomato paste, the caramalised onions,  raw torn spinach, sliced red peppers.  Dob with hummus so that you can slice in a way everyone gets a bit of hummus.  You can change any ingredients.  Cook in the oven as you usually would (or not – it can be eaten raw), and then enjoy.

YIN YOGA/ANATOMY/MEDITATION DVD’s – all with Paul Grilley Just got a new shipment.   They are the best and will form the backbone of your yoga references.  As I have told you before when I bought mine they cost $100 or so each.  I thought that this was a good investment.  I think half that is a steal! And that is what we are selling this.   JAHNE’S MENTORING SESSIONS …. Because Jahne has been teaching yoga teachers for more than 40 years, and running a business the Buddhist way for much longer than that (and successfully) she is often asked for advice. She also consults on the Tarot and the I-Ching.   Please make an appointment.
  REGARDING DEBBIE If you want to speak to Debbie about any aspect of the courses – she has done them, please remember that she only comes in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  On those days she is available on Ph: 0354 273 518.  I am always here, and available preferably on email or text because I teach and am not always at my desk.  Don’t hesitate to email me and I will answer your email or text as soon as I can.

THE LAST WORD: I try to imagine life without being able to speak to God, but none of the days without that special energy have the same laughter, or opportunities…..
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and tune in to our videos  daily.         ENJOY – Love and Blessings,  

Namaste Jahne

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