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GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS ONES  Honouring the Universe – The philosophy of The Australasian Yoga Institute….   Dedicated to a tradition of excellence in teaching for more than 40 years, The Australasian Yoga Institute offers yoga teachers comprehensive and systematic training in classical yoga.  We teach yoga techniques for body, breath, mind and spirit in 200hr and 500hr certification programs.  Our programs include training in meditation, asana.

I think that having a hotplate and an oven for the first time in at least 10 years, (prior to that I had them but didn’t use them), could be a trap.  Sure,  good food is fantastic, but once you start looking at the cooking shows FOOD takes on a whole different meaning.  It is no longer something that happens so you can eat.. That is too, too easy.  It has to be artistic, varied, different.  No more formula meals.  Here is the Buddhist REFLECTION USED BEFORE EATING…  Reflecting carefully I use this food, not for pleasure, not for indulgence, not for personal charm, not for beautification, but only for maintaining the body so that it endures, for keeping it unharmed, for supporting the (holy) life, so that former feelings of hunger are destroyed and new feelings from overeating do not arise, then there will be for me a lack of bodily obstacles and living comfortably.    There is nothing in the reflections about making food an obsession, an artistic pursuit.  Nothing  about concentrating on the next meal in a way that causes you to miss what you are meant to be doing in the moment – even if you do tell yourself it is an artistic pursuit!

Before I got the accoutrements I knew what my breakfast dinner and tea would be.  I was a formula eater, and a formula cook.   My meals took the same time to prepare and cook every day (hardly any) and that left lots of time to concentrate on my yoga and my students.  I still concentrate on yoga and my students (you), but I have to admit to thinking about food a different way.  Can’t be all that bad though.  I have upped my skills, upped my nutrition (I believe), but haven’t upped my weight by an ounce – in  fact I weight a little less.   “…feelings of hunger are destroyed, new feelings from overeating do not arise, there is a lack of bodily obstacles, and I certainly live comfortably”.  I have discovered I like to cook, something I haven’t really done since the children left home.

Some time ago a client came for a PAST LIFE Session.  She had an eating problem which, matched with a “I don’t need to work” problem, didn’t fit.  She was getting poorer and poorer and bigger and bigger as her eating and working ethics got further and further apart.  She didn’t understand that she had to work, and didn’t, so her choices of food got worse and worse.  In the session we went back into her past (actually into her “future past”) and she then understood the problem and changed.  Now she is healthy, happy, in relationship and doing well. Once one part of your life gets right out of whack, it usually pulls the whole lot with it – always with unfortunate results. 

I understand that, and work at keeping a balance by planning the day, and keeping to the plan (even if I would prefer to cook or paint).  There is a certain amount that has to be done each day, and no matter how much I would like to cook a three layer cake just to see if I can, or experiment with a tangine, or chocolate crisps, I know that it wouldn’t it be the best thing for me,  and it would really screw up my daily plan –  so I don’t do it.  At the end of the day I have done what I planned to do,  and then I am prepared to say that “life is good”.

What you are may sometimes miss the mark,  a prisoner in liberty.  Get up somehow, get clean right now and be a happy, happy child set free.

Thank you all for your feedback.  Nicole does the YOGAFIRST site, and I do The Australasian Yoga Institute and Jahne Hope-Williams sites.  Nicole concentrates on recipes and chat, and I try to pass on my philosophical musings.  

OOOO!  It is getting very, very interesting.  Fabulous in fact!

I have broken the course into two.  Level 1 and Level 2.  Level One is pretty wonderful as the first step, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted you to be able to understand and access the things that I do.  Trying to write all that down is proving to be bigger than I thought.  Exploring Yoga’s Model for Health and Well-Being, The Science of the Breath, Pawanmuktanasana (seated yoga in four section), Brain Yoga, Structural Yoga, Restorative Yoga + + +.   Once you have integrated this you are on the path to being a Restorative Yoga therapist.  It is not simple.
It reminds me as I have said before, of when I was offered the opportunity to become a naturopath.  It was a short course in comparison to what it is today, consequently was cheaper.  But I didn’t see the potential of what I was being offered so I turned it down.  Don’t turn this opportunity down.  Yes it will change, yes, like naturopathy it will get bigger (I can see the potential, even if you cannot) – so, get in on the ground floor!!!

We are still asking for your help. I wondered if any of you out there had finished with their book and would like to sell it back to us, WE WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT OFF YOU.  We can get it secondhand from time to time for $25 to $30.  We will buy yours off you for $25 plus whatever is the postage cost.  Email us if you would like to sell yours, and Deb will call you to organise.

YOGA CLASSES- Classes held at Bentinck
Cost:  $10 per person per class (or $100 a 12 class pass:  non–transferable).  
$15 mum plus little yoga bub. $25 per family (mum, dad and two primary school children.  
Young adults $10 each).

Monday  5.30 RESTORATIVE with jahne, 6.30 General class with  Nicole
Tuesday 10am RESTORATIVE with jahne,  and 7.30  General class with *Brad and others, 
Wednesday 12.30 General class with Kalma, 
Friday 6.30 General class with Nicholas, 
Saturday. 10am General class with Nicole (9am and 12.30 RESTORATIVE with jahne)

*Brad is not well at the moment, and we have other teachers who have volunteered their time to take his place (thank you).

*RESTORATIVE YOGA (all classes with with Jahne) is a beautiful, gentle yoga which is done using lots of props and lots of time.  No balancing, no headstands, nothing but gentle stretches and rests.  You and/or a friend will love it especially if you have had surgery, are anxious, haven’t exercised for years, have a weight problem, or have a neurological problem.  It is also a PERFECT pre and postnatal session – if you are pregnant, please get a  doctors certificate and bring it to your first class – not because I think you are unwell, but as it is an insurance requirement.
“The Bentinck” is on the corner of the Romsey Road and the High Street in Woodend.  Enter from  the start of the Romsey Road only.

No matter which class you come to – as you enter the Romsey Road gate, Yoga parking is either to the left or the right of the gate.  If that is full, then the space over the road is always available.  PLEASE DON’T park in the central space – even it is empty and you are late, this is for Innisfree staff coming and going.  If you are looking for any changes in times and days, then please go to the web site.  You will find everything there. There is also our blog

NEXT TEACHER TRAINING CLASS  The next will be the first Sunday in November (1st Nov.) at the Bentinck – in the Yoga Room.  Please join us.  If you are a distance ed. student then the cost of the afternoon is $10   If you are a visitor you are most welcome – and if you are not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $20.  

THE FORGIVENESS BOOK This book is still travelling,  keep it moving along, the list is longish.   And…..If you would like to be next on the list of 108 people, please email me…

Everything will change for you when you work out that there is plenty of time in every day to complete the important things.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – “JAHNE’S YOGA UNIVERSITY” AT A FANTASTIC PRICE FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS…. our classes are available via distance education and you can start any time..  Thank you to those students who are moving from their 200 to another, higher course.  Once you have got into the habit of learning, then it is easy to keep going….

Within our school there are three levels of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, plus a course in the Gita, the fundamental source of all yoga teaching through the ages.

*THE BHAGAVADGITA (and YOGA PHILOSOPHY) which is like a Certificate or Diploma Level,  RYTA 200/350 which is our “degree course”  and     *RYTA500 the “masters”.

        Two levels.   CPE (pending) and Diploma level – includes “Brain Yoga”… A professional level course.

The RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY COURSE (Level 2), has morphed into a professional stand-alone course for people who want to specialise in Restorative Yoga Therapy.  It won’t be easy, and attracts the same conditions and provisions as the Professional Yoga Teacher Training course.  Everyone who is now on the course is doing the Level 1.  If you are interested in making Restorative Yoga Therapy your primary modality, then please let me know.  It is such a worthwhile course, and few are doing it to this level.

Most people have never met, and don’t understand, that there are angels all around us whose only job is to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable, fall asleep and miss the important moments (and gifts) in your life.
THE FOUNDATION: Gosh it has taken such a long time from its inception.  But the lawyers say we are nearly there. 
It is so important to me, because I want to know that even if I die (and I don’t plant to quite yet – my hair is not yet pooling on the ground at my feet), the Institute will be able to live on.   When I do go, I will be in the air around you, as I have always been the person who believed in the dead inhabiting the world of the living…. 

THE SHOP and ETSY As usual we are ahead of the pack.  Colouring books are the new big thing, and we have had our colouring-in posters available for a long time now.
This week I received an email from one of our students who had purchased the chakras and colouring book and REALISED THAT COLOURING THE DRAWINGS  WAS A MEDITATION.  I celebrated.  It has taken a year for a student to understand the reason for the drawings. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU……!!!
ALL OUR IN-HOUSE DVD’S AND CD’S ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE.  Please remember that they are not flashy high cost productions.  They are made by Deb and me to answer your various questions.  They are useful in your course.

 I move with the infinite in nature’s power.  I hold the fire of the soul.  I hold the life and healing”. (Rig Veda)

REGISTRATION/INSURANCE We are giving you total choice now, although it may be a bit more expensive…..

YOUR TEACHER TRAINING YEAR (or so): If you are a trainee Yoga Teacher who has been working on the course for more than a year please understand that your course fee only gives you FREE classes with me for your first training year – the first 12 months only.     Imagine if what would happen to our Institute if  you took three years to finish your course and you could still come to classes free for the entire course.  We do our fee calculation based on 12 months of free yoga classes.   Your training fees cover you for a year, after that we ask you to pay $10 per class.  

Also, just signing up and not sending in any modules means you are not really a trainee yoga teacher, and unless we receive regular communication (even if it isn’t modules), at a certain point we will deem that you have disconnected from us, and we will disconnect from you.  And, coming to class with no intention of completing the course just to get the cheaper, easier student insurance, and free classes isn’t exactly living the yamas!  Sooner or later we will call your bluff.

I have found  if you paddle your boat it is easier to maintain the illusion of control, but I tell you it is so much more fun if you pull the oars in and just let the river take you where it will….

VIDEOS:  THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL – THEY ARE NECESSARY! Only $275 per annum. Please look down the list of the videos before you try to do stick drawings, or organise your journal.  I have shown you what I recommend..  All you have to do is download.  I even did a video on ‘The Gita.  Good feedback thus far – thank you.  Please.  Email us and Debbie will make sure that you are logged in promptly. OH YES, IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE SUBSCRIPTION, THEN PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS.  IF YOUR NAME IS NOT EDGAR CAYCE THEN YOU CAN’T LEARN WHAT IS ON THE TAPE FROM SLEEPING WITH YOUR COMPUTER!

GARDENING WITH BENEFITS The pond is clear and sparkling thanks to a little solar pump from Auto-Pro in Kyneton.  I did start with a Bunnings one but it was a non starter actually.  Didn’t last any time at all.  It is also sparkling and has no mozzies thanks to the tadpoles that are now inhabiting it.  I have lots, isn’t that fantastic.  That means it is a very healthy pond.   It looks so natural with the iris and other plants who are softening the edges.  My little “watercress” pond in another part of the garden always surprises me because the water sparkles all year no pump, no taddies, no fish.  It must be something in the watercress which stops bacteria.

SNAKEY CAKEY –  (As usual I am not really sure of quantities – I just play).

INGREDIENTS… 200g icing sugar, 2 eggs, 200g almond meal, 1tab flour, zest 1 lemon and 1 orange, crushed pistachios and 3 tabs rose water.  

METHOD…. Mix everything together and let it rest.  Then, spread out enough filo end on end to reach over about one meter length.  Make a good overlap and  brush the overlap with melted butter, and gently brush the entire surface with butter.  The put the filling in a sausage  like line from end to end close to one side, then roll up like a snake.  Top to bottom, then top to bottom and repeat until you have a firm filo snake.  Then roll the snake and place snuggly into a pan.  Brush with butter sprinkle with crushed pistachios,  and then make at 180 for about 35 to 40 minutes until it is crips and browned.   De-pan, cool, sprinkle with icing sugar and rose petals and serve with ice–cream.  
There is quite a lot of snake.  You could use a dried fruit mix in with the ingredients and use as a christmas cake!

MY VIDEOS.. I am so pleased with myself.  I actually managed to take a video, get the video on to my computer desk top and then put on a USB!  Huge.  My first attempt had good information, but, as I didn’t anticipate success  I didn’t pay attention to what I looked like.  As it was the end of the day, and as I hadn’t looked in the mirror since early morning, it was messy.  I am doing a more concentrated repeat.  This will be the first of a selection of  USB’s to go with the RESTORATIVE2 course.    

YIN YOGA/ANATOMY/MEDITATION DVD’s – all with Paul Grilley Just got a new shipment.   They are the best and will form the backbone of your yoga references.  As I have told you before when I bought mine they cost $100 or so each.  I thought that this was a good investment.  I think half that is a steal! And that is what we are selling this.

JAHNE’S MENTORING SESSIONS …. Because Jahne has been teaching yoga teachers for more than 40 years, and running a business the Buddhist way for much longer than that (and successfully) she is often asked for advice. She also consults on the Tarot and the I-Ching.   Please make an appointment.  Past Life Therapy available, but not on the phone, mainly due to the occasional line disconnect for whatever reason.  Totally ruins a session.  My next visit will be to Brisbane to chat about your yoga progress, explore the Restorative option,  and to do a past life session or two, so if you want me to contact you first when I know the dates, get your name on the list.    

REGARDING DEBBIE If you want to speak to Debbie about any aspect of the courses – she has done them, please remember that she only comes in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  On those days she is available on Ph: 0354 273 518.  I am always here, and available preferably on email or text because I teach and am not always at my desk.  Don’t hesitate to email me and I will answer your email or text as soon as I can.
THE YAMAS – I cannot stress these too much how important these are, and I am going to leave them at the bottom of the newsletter because I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER THEM. If you come to me to be registered in our organisation (and baby,  it is growing and is going to take some BIG leaps)  and you haven’t done the yamas, guess what, you will have to do a workshop and an exam…..  For me, the philosophy of yoga is the most important.  There is NOTHING more important.  We start there
I have never liked the (Christian) “Thou Shalt Not” approach and am trying out a new one.  What do you think of this.

“Just for today I will not kill thoughts, hopes, aspirations,  confidence.  I will not kill.”
“Just for today I will work on telling the truth”
“Just for today I will work on not stealing”
“Just for today I will work on respecting all people and all things”
“Just for today I will work on not taking more of anything than what I need”.
THE LAST WORD: I try to imagine life without being able to speak to God, but none of the days without that special energy have the same laughter, or opportunities…..
For more wonderful, delicious thoughts
Log on to our Web site
and tune in to our videos  daily.         ENJOY – Love and Blessings,  

Namaste Jahne

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