Our first for this year finished on Saturday.  I have been asked for another, and have decided on March 14th, 21st and 28th.  Three weeks is hardly enough time, but will give you the skills you need to start your journey.  You will receive a Revelation Tarot Deck as part of the course.  During the last course we studied pendulums and used them, dowsing, and of course various tarot concentrating on The Revelation Tarot…..

To enrol, go to www.mytarot.moonfruit.com.  Go to the training course application, download it,  fill it in, scan and send it to me.  Direct Debit the training fee, fill in your credit card number and we will deduct the fee from your account, or bring the fee with you in cash (plus the application form fully completed) when you come.

I will also be holding an eight week Diploma course in Tarot and Divination later in the year.

*If you have done a tarot course with me recently and wish to repeat, the cost is $95.  You are sure to learn something new – no two courses are exactly the same.  You will be able to read effectively and confidently for yourself or others after this short course.

February 16 To March 9: Mercury Retrograde In Pisces (Ending In Aquarius)

I am not an astrologer, but I subscribe, and read heaps,  because I am interested (if only there weren’t so many books, and ephemera needed to make a good calculation I would work harder on charts!).  Astrologers  all tell me that “Mercury is in retrograde”.  What does that mean?

From February to March, Mercury is in its detriment in Pisces, which means it is challenged here.  In plain speak, Mercury has to work a lot differently than usual, and will speak to you in poetry, energy, dreams and symbols.  We tarot readers can acknowledge astrology, and use it to get a more accurate, personal reading.  Everything is connected to everything.  What are your dreams telling you during this time?  Mine are incredible, full of meaning.  Please remember to use your tarot DAILY because you could need to find an imaginative or spiritual solution to an everyday problem.  Have your board, your deck your pendulum out and where you can use them.

Because things are not as they seem,   meditate daily to make sure you start each day with a clean slate..   I am sure you have noticed that in this astrological period,  misunderstandings can occur more easily, so be aware of jumping to conclusions.

This is not a “forever” movement of the planet and Mercury will slip back into Aquarius once March 4 rolls around.  This of course will help to lighten the mood towards the end of this retrograde cycle.  Remember what you were doing this time last year – February will be a gentler repeat.

You know that I love THREE CARD SPREADS, and here’s a three-card spread to help you navigate Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

1. YOUR CHALLENGE – What do I need to question, put on the back burner or discard right now?
2. YOUR RESOURCE – What do I need to daydream about instead?
3. YOUR LESSON – What can I learn when I stop and listen to the universe? I have found this to be MOST helpful, and I do it daily…



After my last exhibition about 2 years or so ago, the balance of my paintings were taken with the ex-owners goods as they left “early” and in a hurry.  I was told that holding the paintings would be returned within the week, but I have been told that before.  It is another version of “the cheque is in the mail”.  I wasn’t desperate, but one of the paintings of The Three Marys is now needed for a tarot deck I am making.

I had asked the Universe for the paintings before, but last Wednesday I made a special plea “I would like all of the paintings please God, but if you can only deliver one, then the one of the Three Marys is especially needed to complete the Magdalen (Three Marys) Tarot”.  I made the prayer, and during the yoga class that day, the paintings were returned – all of them.  How good is that!  Now I can move forward with the new deck.  There is a God.


THE MT.MACEDON YOGA LUNCH – no need to book.  Just come.

This will happen at 12.30 on Friday the 28th February, at The Mt.Macedon hotel as usual.

The 29th (the Saturday) is the last day of February making this year  a leap year, so we girls can ask the boys for their hand in marriage.  In the USA the 29th was called “Sadie Hawkins Day” and this was THE day.  So if there is a special someone who hasn’t yet popped the question, and you are ‘Waity Katy” (as Catherine was called whilst she was waiting to be asked by William) you can lead the parade on Saturday!


See you all soon.