Dear Yogis,

YOGA LUNCHEON SATURDAY (Tomorrow) 1PM at The Lone Wolf Saloon next to The Victoria in Woodend.  

Here is another date for your diary…  I am doing a demo for The Tarot Guild,  You might be interested.  If you have come to the Monday classes, you may not be interested as we have covered most of what i will do in our Monday classes… but if you have missed out, then this is a chance for you to catch up.

DON’TMISS IT.  My TEA & TAROT EXHIBITION at The Mount Macedon Gallery will be running until the last weekend in the month, so if you have missed out please pop up and have a look.  The gallery is down the lane beside The Trading Post.



Unexpectedly more students enquiring for class, and I have both classes full on Monday…  I hope this is your experience.  Maybe my experience has to do with a little for sale notice on the Kyneton Yoga Business.  I would love it if I have outlived another “fabulous” yoga business…how many is that???

I do have a vacancy 1pm on Wednesdays for restorative if you are interested. People are moving to warmer climates and I can’t provide one of those, although I do not do yoga on the grass at this time of the year. I remember when the Cope-Williams booked me for yoga at the convention centre, and expected me to do yoga on the tennis court at 6am in the winter – it did not happen!.

NEW CLASS?  How about Thursday morning for a 10am yoga class here at the studio?


Windarring Yoga –  Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1.

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) 2.15 (full) Wed. Restorative 1pm.

ZOOM WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom. “A Year of Living Biblically” and “The Source”.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  This coming Saturday at 1pm. I have booked to go to the LONE WOLF (I always call it The Full Moon because of the moon in the logo) in Woodend.   You are all welcome!