Dear Trainees and Friends,

As I said before, I am rethinking the newsletter.

The inefficiency of what I am doing was highlighted on the weekend when people turned up for the Teacher Training day and had not read the newsletter therefore they didn’t understand that they had an option to do a longer class.  They hadn’t read the newsletter.

From now on I will only publish breaking news.  I will have a regular larger news drop about the middle of the month, but it will not be long.  If you want to see what I am doing you can go to the web site, and  I will blog.


  1. We will be starting the Riddells Creek Studio at the Church on the 8th january.  Will publish the times when I know.
  2. This is the newsletter for this week – memos will be sent out when needed.
  3. The last class for this year will be Saturday 22nd December, and our first class back will be the 7th January.
  4. I have started a UTUBE CHANNEL   Jahne Hope-Williams
  5. If you are a face booker, somehow I have 2 addresses.  The one I use is Jahne Hope-Williams – capitals starting the name.  The address which is  in lower case I am trying to delete.
  6. My artwork is selling well – this is the difference between being able to do the voluntary work and not being able to…..  If you would like to come and see it and support our work, please make an appointment.  I will open the gallery on the regular monthly basis.
  7. I will be starting a STUDIO yoga teacher training class in the new year with a start date, and a finish date.  Not the kind of do-it-when-you-can class we have now.

Thank you.


Have lovely week.

Namaste.  Jahne