Dearest Friends, Yogis, students….. everyone,

I hope you have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas.  Please pop into to your local Church and sing carols if you can’t sing really loud in the shower.  It will allow you to welcome in a new, beautiful, joyful new year in maybe a new and joyful way.  Don’t worry about what the priest says – you are allowed to disagree with their message.  All you need to feel is connected to the ONE, and that ONE is the same for everyone in the world, everyone on the planet.  No-one has a special intro (except you!).  Your intention is everything.

Thank you all for your love and continued support during the year.  I am feeling new, inspired and “yoga ready ” for the new year with you.  I do what I do to be closer to you, to help you…. nothing is ever enough.  I would like to be the angel on top of your christmas tree.  I would like to be able to grant you everything you wish for yourself….  knock, and the door will open.

Love and blessings this Christmas and throughout the year.


Namaste.  JAHNE