Dear Yogis, 

I’ve been practising LIFE STYLE YOGA  professionally for decades now.  I do hatha, but I complete the picture with “Eat, Breathe, Move and Live” as the basics, not just asana.

We are going through a pandemic, however, there will be another, there may even be round 2 of this one (watch Bill Gates on TED TALKS) .  The best thing you can do is prepare your immune system.  Shutting your doors and hiding in your toilet paper fortress will not be helpful.

For most people contemplating starting a health lifestyle, changing their morning routine no matter how unhealthy, is usually the biggest  stumbling block.   Today the Universe is speaking to you – and the  lockdown has opened up some space for this – don’t waste this opportunity. This is a chance to get into the habit of starting each day for health. This enhances your immunity but also re-programs you internally for positivity so your whole life will change. It starts in the morning.  This is how your body is programmed.

With the lockdown in place it is easy to rationalise sleeping in.  It is easy to excuse randomly working all hours without a plan and without a goal.  It is easy to begin to feel anxious, depressed, deprived and all of the other emotions and feelings that loneliness, or imposed change can trigger. Especially eating… All of this weakens your immunity, and saps your motivation.

My LIFESTYLE YOGA prescription? Gradually (not too gradually) swap all the little habits that weaken your immunity and sabotage your health, for new habits that activate your inbuilt ward-off and bounce-back functions. Starting first thing.  Wake up early, do your yoga, have a shower, take the supplements, have breakfast.

Getting up early is the most powerful medicine for mind, body and spirit and it’s free. I was looking at morning habits of great writers.  The ones who had really made a difference, won Pulitzers, been best sellers.  They were the ones who got up early.  Now you may not want to get up at 4am like Oliver Sacks and others, but how about 6.30am instead of 9am.   Take charge of your morning, you’ll be in charge of your health, your day and your destiny will follow.  You will be in charge.  It is a good feeling.  My cat wakes up at about 5.30 and sits on my chest.  It is hard to ignore and she doesn’t have a snooze button.  She is pretty much in charge, but as she is a Princess and a yogi I just give-in.  Anything else is a wast of time.

Bye the way – I think that getting used to “real life” when the restrictions are lifted will be a challenge too – start your wellness regime TODAY.


Keep safe, Stay well…  NAMASTE – JAHNE