Hi Yogis,

A recipe….Wild violet syrup

I noticed the first of the wild violets coming up in my garden.  In mythology, wild violets represent change and transition. In my view, this is a true magic, as they are one of the very first blooms that show up in the transition from winter to spring!

Making this easy syrup is a  super simple and delicious way to access wild violets as soon as they show their beautiful purple faces is to make the wild violet syrup.  It feels like it has magical qualities because it changes colors. This flower of change makes a tea and honey syrup that will steep into blue and change to turquoise, purple, light purple, magenta, and pink, depending on how much lemon juice you add!

Enjoy this spring syrup on pancakes, yogurt, or in tea and cocktails!

·       ▢ 1 ½ cup water
·       ▢ fresh lemon juice to adjust color of syrup
·       ▢ ½ cup honey
·       1 cup wild violet flowers



1.             Put the wild violet flowers in a 500ml jar
2.             Bring the water to a boil, then turn off the heat and let it sit for several minutes to cool.
3.             Pour the cooled  water over the violet flowers and let them steep for 30-60 minutes.
4.             Strain the violet flowers out of the liquid.
5.             The violet flower tea will be blue or dark purple. Add a squeeze of lemon juice if you wish to make it a lighter violet color. More lemon juice will turn it pink.
6.             Stir in the honey. The violet tea can be warmed slightly if needed to fully dissolve the honey.


See you on Wednesday on the mat.  Anyone out there interested in a zoom yoga class?