Good morning Yogis,

ZOOM: Tonite at 6.45 TAROT.  No Sunday CCP Class.
STUDIO: Tonite (Friday) 5.30 Hatha.
MANDALA ART CLASS – Which day would you like to do this, STUDIO AND/OR ZOOM?  I did flag a studio class 27th November. We could do Zoom class on a Sunday morning now that is vacant. How about Sunday 7th November at 10am?


You may think that I am just doing the “prepping” posts because I have nothing else to do, but no, that is not the reason.  I bring these things to you because of the wild and woolly weather we have been facing in the past few years (especially last year) which has been compromising how we have lived up to now.  This is my little sitting room where I prepare everything I do…

I am not sure if you remember that we had days when there was no power – some folk had WEEKS.  I managed with everything, except HEATING, and I am working towards fixing that.  I would like to have a garage so I could store things I use all the time because I believe we will need it.  I am sure you have noticed that when you go shop there are vacant shelves, and then when the shelves are re-stocked, the cost of the items has gone up.

It is not just at Coles – it is everywhere.

One thing we need to stock is candles – or do we?  They are useful for  lighting, heating and cooking.   If you make one of my little terra-cotta pot heaters (and they are quite efficient), and if you don’t solve the candle cost you will find the heater does cost a lot just in candles, but you will get good at re-cycling.  

Candles are more and more expensive, but there are alternatives.  You can use olive oil, vegetable oil cheap,  solid cooking oils.  You can even make your own wicks.  These alternatives burn for much longer than a candle, and they are much cheaper, and burn for longer..  Please watch my instagram and I will put up the experiments I am doing.  Crisco the American cooking oil has a little flame over the “i” which indicates the history of the oil which was used for lamps and vehicle lubrication during the war – and now people use it for cooking?  Mind you, olive oil was used for lamps even in biblical times.

Love doing these.  So quiet, so personal, so tiny.  I have been planning the Christmas images.  Do make an appointment.  This is one thing I  can not do on zoom.  You have to come see me.

They usually take about an hour…. plan to have a chat and a cup of tea.