Dear Yogis…

We are nearly out of lock-down, but here I am wonderfully used to it.  I don’t have children, and I think if I did them things would be different, but we are now coming into the most difficult time – EVERYTHING SEEMS NORMAL BUT IT ISN’T.  If you want to look at a country which is handling Covid really well, then look at PORTUGAL.  They have focussed on vaccinations and they are coming out of covid quickly, with minimum of deaths and no lock-downs.

SCHEDULE for the rest of the week.
STUDIO: Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30 Yoga
ZOOM: Friday Free Tarot, Sunday morning class is no more until you decide you want it.  We will do something wonderful in this time.  Perfect for Mandalas I think!  I will let you know.

I guess you think that taking a basal temperature and covid are not related – but it is my experience with infections and temperature to lead me towards believing they are.  If you have an infection in your body, your basal temperature will start to rise even before you feel the effects.  So you can get ahead of the curve with your herbal and vitamin therapies.

One of our students recently was attacked by her rooster (they do it!), and suffered a really bad infection.  Enough to keep her home and unwell.  If she had done the basal temp (and herbal remedies) as a regular routine then as soon as she was injured, she would have been able to tell the infection had taken hold BEFORE she was incapacitated, and been able to remedy the situation.

And you thought that basal temp was all about conception?  That is one reason to get familiar with your routine, but you will learn so much more.  What foods your body likes, what you are allergic to, why you have headaches, what take the oomph out of your day!

HAWTHORN:  I can’t say enough about this herb.  It is free, growing by the wayside, and available for heart conditions – especially high blood pressure.  Added to pine needles in a tea (get to know your pine needles – there are many different ones), it will take your blood pressure right down.. to the point where you feel different and slower.  Yesterday I pushed it to the limit and took three cups in a day.  I felt really relaxed.  There was lots to do, but i didn’t want to do any of it.  I wasn’t drowsy, I was just content to sit and watch the world.

I have come to the conclusion that an elevated blood pressure is where I like to live – buzzy.  When I relax I relax, but when I want to do things, I can really bring commitment to the table.

It is time you went out into the paddocks, picked hawthorn leaves, flowers and buds and hung them in paper bags to dry if you haven’t got a dryer.  You can make a tea from the fresh herbs of course whilst you are drying your yearly supply.  I LOVE IT.

The pic is of the unopened hawthorn flowers.  Perfect timing to pick.