So many wonderful yoga teachers throughout the world are now saying stop! think! breathe…..

I live in a town where rampant thievery is taking place from people who just have to have masses of everything.  As someone once told me when I asked him what he wanted,   he replied  “I WANT IT ALL”.  He would feel right at home here.    Buses of people (not just individuals in cars) are coming into our town from even 100ks away and stripping our supermarket shelves.  One supermarket owner is requiring and ID from the early morning older shoppers.  We are being hit three times…..  Firstly because we are so far away from supply that it takes longer to get here, secondly by the time the shipment arrives it is not enough and thirdly, those people from out of town who have decimated their own stores, are now set to do the same to ours.

Plumbers are going to be so busy once all the stuff people are using in place of toilet paper starts blocking the system that they will be hard to get for really important local work.. they are already in short supply, and those people who are buying out the shelves and spending their last dollar on the last toilet roll will have so much stuff at the end of this that they can’t return,  and hopefully a depleted bank account.  In the end they will have to economise.  I hope they are going to make compost out of all the vegetables they can’t use before they go off.

So, be like me, and my yogis. Be as much as possible, SELF SUFFICIENT!

I have nature’s garden to supply me with greens and medicines.  The mountain is like a giant supermarket, and no out out owners are trying to steal this abundance.  I am able to use a sewing machine, so I can make toilet wipes out of old sheets when my toilet paper runs out (and the Salvos run out), I know what supplements to take to keep me strong, and I am breathing the yoga way to make sure my lungs are in tip top condition.  Oh yes.  I can organise kitty litter from nature when my cat needs attention.  How about you?

I am amazed that people are sitting in their lounge rooms (under their igloos of toilet paper) smoking and drinking and eating the pies they scavenged from our supermarket.  Scared to go out, scared to catch a train or go to a movie…. it is madness.  More people die each year from the flu than have died from this!!!  Apart from being urged to get vaccinated, there has been no panic buying or lock downs in previous years.

Please, yogis, go to my “Its only Natural” blog called  to find out how you can make it through this madness easily, gracefully and SAVE MONEY. There is no reason to join hands with the rest of the world and hide yourself away.  This is very important.  It is about taking yoga out of the classroom and into the world.  THE YAMAS AT WORK IN YOUR LIFE.  

On a lighter note.  Lovely photo of Vetty with Shiva Rea on Facebook.  You may remember Vetty was a trainee teacher with us and came to a number of teacher training sessions here at the Studio.  She now has her ‘wings” and she is flying.  Congratulations Vetty.

Namaste  Jahne