Now is not the time to sit at home watching the (fear mongering) news, clutching your stash of toilet rolls.  Get out and into the nature strips and verges and make fabulous foods from what nature has provided for you to eat TODAY.  It’s what you need, not

what you think you need..  This ROSE-HIP SYRUP and ROSE HIP POWDER.  Natures Vit.C powerhouse (just in case the chemist runs out).  Natures has the hips ready for you today.

Go too www.wildnweedy.blogspot.com for all my recipes to keep you well – and come to my workshop on foraged food at 2pm on the 15th (Sunday)…  email be to get the address if you don’t already know it.

And by the way.  If you are in self imposed exile, you can still cook up a storm from the blog recipes, watch some funny, uplifting movies, listen to great music, and go no-where near the news.  Fear does more to invite sickness in and lower your resistance than anything else.  So, don’t go there.


Love and blessings.  Jahne