Apart from some words of wisdom about toilet paper I have been watching and waiting to see how this progresses.  My grandfather died in the Spanish flue in 1918 in the UK.  I am sure that the fact there were no antibiotics, and the populations of Europe were undernourished had something to do with the fact it lasted half the time we presume Corona virus will, and killed twice the number of people.

Here below ARE MY OPINIONS about the current virus (they may not be yours).

This virus like every virus is an opportunist.  It takes advantage of prevailing conditions, and right now the prevailing conditions as far as I am concerned are these because each of these compromises our immune system.

  1. MASS ECO-ANXIETY. The bushfires, the floods, the economy and now the community results of the virus itself.
  2. GRIEF: We know that the virus is attracted to a majority of males and older members of society.  Males in particular hold onto grief and sadness, even about their very first date! Believe it.  Both Anxiety and Grief lowers your resistance to infection.
  3. THE PROLIFERATION OF 5G. We could  soon be swimming in a sea of 5G frequencies.  This is much different that 3G or 4 G.  The areas where the virus is most virulent are also the areas which have the highest concentration of 5G towers.  Check.  China, Spain, Italy, Iran….   What difference does this make? 5G LOWERS YOUR IMMUNITY to infections and disease, it also increases the virulence of virus, and bacteria .

     The area where this virus started and is most virulent in China has over 10,000 5G towers, and the areas   which are locked down around the world have the most dense proliferation of 5G towers.  Check!

  1. POOR EATING HABITS. We have moved from diets that support our immune systems to diets which contains mainly flour, fat and sugar.  Until we change, we will have no resistance to this and other virus.

All of the above are making a perfect storm in which the virus can thrive.

There is another aspect of this virus.  SARS as we know was man made.  I am reliably informed that the area where this Corona Virus first appeared contains China’s largest bio-hazard chemical facility, and we weren’t told about the “escape” until China could no longer hide it.  Thank goodness for the whistle blower, otherwise it would have taken much longer for China to ‘fess up.

Although it is not something we like to think about, I am told that America spent approx.. $100billion on bio-warfare last year.  I am not sure about Australia… but you can be sure there is something going on.

This doesn’t change the fact that we have to deal this virus personally and now, irrespective of it origin.



DIET:  I have been saying this for years, and I am now running foraging classes.  Our gardens produce greens in season when our body needs it.  Right now my garden is supplying my needs every day.  I get my greens from what other people call weeds.


The workshop is on Sunday here at the studio  15th at 2pm.  You are welcome. Call

5G:  Talk to your local council members, talk to the sustainability groups in your area, get groups together to resist 5G.  I am sure there are technology reasons we should have it, but there are many human reasons that make it very dangerous at this level.  And we don’t get to choose once it is here.  Even if we don’t have 5G on our computers, we will be swimming in the vibrations.

CRYSTALS and EMF:  I never thought I would say this but, I now have a black obsidian around my neck.  I am told it resists negative vibrations.  Whatever it does, I must say to you that the moment I put it on I felt a lightness I find hard to rationally explain.  I can say I am not removing it.  I have ordered some, and will make them into pendants so that you can have one too.  Please order your ahead of time as I am sure like toilet paper, there will be a run…

ESSENCES:  We all know that ROSE HIPS are fabulous, and they are in the gardens, hedgerows, and in paddocks RIGHT NOW.  Get them before the birds do.   I am making the syrup and the powder.  I am also making an essence and if possible I urge you to do the same.  Or get mine.

SUPPLEMENTS:   Vitamin C is the most important – and if you contract the virus, ask for intravenous VitC.  It works. Everyday, take enough that your motions get very loose – this shows that your body is saturated.  Then keep taking Vit C, but a bit less.  Extras….  Thiamin, Vit D, Selenium, Zinc and magnesium.  Use your pendulum to discover the doses for you.

If you start with some of these, as well as the “namaste” greeting, no kissing, etc etc…you will be protecting yourself.  No use if you nick off for a beef burger  on the way to the Chemist.

YOGA:  Even the meditation, breathing, and gentle yoga stretching daily will help build resistance.


DATES TO DIARISE: Please make every effort to come.  We will be addressing the challenges posed by the virus.

Saturday: 14th March.  Tarot Training Class and Pendulums 2 to 4 pm

Sunday: Foraging Class, 2 to 4 pm