Dear Yogis,

We are coming close to the end of the holidays, and there are students already asking me what comes next…
This is next – starting next weekend…. ALL WELCOME….

Saturday 9th  –
2pm The usual Tarot/Art Class ($50 for three classes plus $25 for the Studio class). 
Sunday 10th –
10am THE GITA Study time ($20 for one class plus a free catch up)
Monday 11th – 6.30 The Hypermobility Lectures.  The first in a series of three. ($35 for three classes)
Tuesday 12th – 7.30pm The Diamond Sutra Continued.  A review plus practical applications. ($35 for three classes)
Wednesday 13th –  12.30 – Restorative Yoga.  ($88 for four classes)
Friday 15th – 6.45 FREE Pendulum Class

STUDIO (Yoga $88 for four classes)
Monday 11th – 1pm Hatha Yoga plus weights and straps (full)
Wednesday 13th – 5.30pm Restorative Yoga (full)
Friday 15th – 5.30 pm Restorative Yoga with weights and straps


ONE-ONE-ONE CONSULTATIONS: YOGA, TAROT, PHILOSOPHY – ZOOM OR STUDIO $85 per hour, by appointment Please email me at 

If you need to catch up with your payments, please go to the home page at  Click on PAY VIA PAYPAL
If you are new to any class you will need to email me to ask re availability and for me to know to send you A ZOOM.ID



Over the past few days, graduates have been calling me because they are finding it difficult to deal with clients and students who are getting angry and frustrated with the Covid restrictions (which we know will be ongoing).  I am here to remind you that the discipline we stand on for our sanity (and wisdom) is yoga.  It represents unity. The day for dis-unity has passed.

I ask you to look at your students, your clients, your neighbours.  See yourself – your own reflection looking back at you.  Each person reflected in the other. For us, for our community,  yoga represents all that is good.  It implies freedom, equality and justice for all.   How true are these words for you?  When did you bring your students, family, community – liberty.  When did you cause justice!

I tell you – If you are looking for truth, you may find comfort.  If you are looking for comfort, you will never find truth.

As your teacher, I stand at the gate of knowledge.  A place where power is not invited.  I stand at the gate and I look at you and you look back to me.  All I can do is reflect what I see.

If you come to my classes just to receive you will leave poorer, if you come to receive understanding you will leave lost. If on the other hand you have understood and received, the NOW IS YOUR TIME. Throw away your assumptions about God.  Stop clinging to what you think you know.  Cling to YOGA….and come on the journey with me.