Dear Yogis,

For all of you feeling heavy, foggy, tired and “lacklustre”, our new stock of Turkey Tail is in.  Light, fluffy wonderful.  I am a total devotee. What I have noticed is that I don’t need as much sleep, am totally “in the moment” and my dreams have hit a new high.  I always dream in colour, with sounds and “smellavision”, the total immersion, but now they are even more memorable.  I just feel good.  There is only one downside – I do too much.   It’s the Turkey Tail.  Only quarter to half a teaspoon every day will get you there.  I started researching TT because it was getting good press overseas from people on chemo.  If you want to learn more,  go to TedTalks, Professor Stament speaking on this  subject (he has a hat made of a mushroom and it looks good).  Let me know if you are interested in receiving Turkey Tail.   Email me.


I was listening to Hillsong this morning.  Sometimes they have great speakers/preachers, but sometimes they have the “yell and sell” guys.  Those people who think that trendy sneakers and a fake smile will save mankind.  They don’t understand the message of Jesus, and they pass on that misunderstanding LOUD and long.

This morning the preacher was talking on the theme “GOD RESTORES”.  Yes, God restores, but he doesn’t restore unless you understand where you are, unless you express gratitude knowing that wherever you are in your life it is perfect.  God doesn’t make mistakes – SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME.

By the way, the word God is just a word.  God is an energy that thank goodness I don’t understand, but know is real.  If I understood it then I wouldn’t believe in “it”.  It wouldn’t be BIG ENOUGH.

The Hillsong preacher spoke about Exodus as if God automatically restored the “Land of Milk and Honey” to his people.  He did not.  They had to wander in the wilderness for forty years until they gave up blaming and whining (even Moses lost patience), and then he gave the land to their children and not to them because they didn’t deserve it.

The Hillsong Preacher spoke about Job as if Job had been attacked by Satan, and  it was Satan which took everything off him.  He didn’t.  It was a Bible story about a battle between good and bad, God vs Satan.  The usual Battlefield – Life.  God knew that no matter what he did, Job would remain faithful.  At the end of his tribulations God gave him back double what he lost – but he had to go FAITHFULLY through his troubles, even when EVERYTHING was taken from him.  In reward for his faithfulness, God gave him double back – plus 10 extra children and another 140 years of life.  Imagine the grandchildren, great grandchildren from this issue.

By the way, his friends who had tried to push him off course, and the wife who said “curse God and die” because she was attached to the social standing and wealth which were taken away,  never received restoration.  In the Gita story about the Battlefield God (Krishna) says that devotion to Him is the only way to understand the battle – and to achieve peace.. and spiritual restoration.

No matter what your religion, spiritual practice, or even if you have none, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE BATTLEFIELD.  It is called LIFE. (we start our Gita Study on Sunday the 10th January – have your paper and pencil ready..and your zoom ID organised).

We are now in 2021.  Last year 2020 was a difficult year for most.  It certainly was different, unusual for me.  I had to learn a whole lot of survival skills and hunker down into even more meditation/prayer times.  I made it through with new skills, and a new understanding about both God and myself.  Thank you to yoga, my yoga family, and my meditation practice (and ZOOM!).  

Don’t be reluctant to change, and don’t expect those around you to understand.  Go with your heart, it is the only compass you have.

I have said before, and here it is again…  The great gift of God is that we get to re-create our life in every moment by choosing goodness.  Sin is only one thing –  the failure to choose goodness.  God says, I am here in every moment because I have always been here in every moment.