Dear Yogis,

Free, casual but quite important.  Not everything needs an exam at the end.  Just being together is important

FRIDAY: 5.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA,  6.45 The first of our FREE PENDULUM CLASSES.  Please come to any or or all.  This pendulum class will start you out if you haven’t done it before. Email me if you want to come to the class on Friday and I will send you the zoom ID. – it is FREE:
SATURDAY 12.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA   2PM TAROT CLASS – We are still making our tarot.  You can join in at any point

If you want to come to any of these classes, please go to the HOME page of our web site WWW.YOGABEAUTIFUL.COM.AU.  The classes are all listed.  Decide which you want to join, and pay for them quickly and easily USING THE DONATE BUTTON.  Don’t use the other one, it has a glitch.


This class (the tarot class also) is based on my lifetime of experiences of dowsing and healing.  My background of course is in yoga, which added to the knowledge I already had of why and how the pendulum works.  You could call it “energy work”.

I spoke to Professor Brian Cox (the AstroPhysicist)  about my work with the pendulum.  He thought I had lost my marbles. I also spoke to The Late Professor Dr.Carl Sagan about this work.  Carl was much kinder and was prepared to understand… My answer to the scientists is to consider the work of Emoto and his book about the memory water, the great leap forward when Motoyama located the meridians electrically,  and the healing possibility unleashed when Hannemann and Bach put together Homeopathic tinctures.  No matter the modality – If it works it works.  

I make pendulums, Pendulum Boards and pendulum charts, and they are all on my web sites for you to discover, and to own.

I use my pendulum many times a day.. it helps me choose when faced with number of options, moves me in the direction of success, and generally is a trusted mentor and guide.  This close relationship will not happen if you don’t have patience.

It is like learning a new language.  In the beginning it is difficult, until it becomes second nature, then we just use it.  I was talking to an Admin Assistant in a lawyers office this morning.  She was taking our conversation down in long hand.  Fairly primitive.  I asked her why she did this, and she said she hadn’t been taught shorthand (or hadn’t taken the opportunity because it was too hard).  I learned at school, and I still use it.  In fact when the lawyer heard I knew shorthand he offered me a job.  It is still a valuable skill – not as valuable as knowing the language of the pendulum.

My intention in the classes (Friday at 6.45pm and on Saturdays as 2 as part of the tarot class) is to give an insight about what lies behind dowsing and its application primarily to health, rather than a series of   “do this – do that” type of exercises and demystify dowsing as much as possible.

The truth lies in simplicity and keeping an open mind.   

It is one thing to read about the pendulum, it is another thing to take your courage in both hands and experience it for yourself.

For me, dowsing has become an invaluable tool, particularly in the area of health and healing.  Used wisely, it can enormously increase your ability to improve your own health and the health of others.  My life would have been considerably poorer if I had not explored this ancient gift.  Email me if you want to come to the class on Friday and I will send you the zoom ID. – The class  is FREE:  Email me at

PLEASE MARK DOWN SUNDAY AT 10AM in your diary and make every effort  to join us for the series on The Bhagavadgita.  This week we are going to consider how passages in the Gita and the Bible speak to the one theme. You will enjoy it.  Last Sunday we wandered through the ancient UPANISHADS.  The foundation of yoga and the books which contain the Gita.  If you really want to know what yoga was, and is, you won’t want to miss these.


I have a new dowsing web site – it is functional although still under construction.  If you want to be on the DOWSING email/newsletters list,  PLEASE,   let me know..