Dear Yogis,

In this time of covid, it could be the time to mend fences.  People you haven’t spoken to in a long while, relationships that have gone untended, old grudges and guilts which need to be healed.  If you can’t do it now when can you do it? Not blaming, not shaming just “I am sorry, I care” even if whatever it was was not your fault.   Try it.  If you can’t say it now, when can you say it?  Wave a white flag, just let the person know you are there.

I was thinking last nite after one of my students said “the only thing we haven’t had this year is an Alien Invasion” that  maybe we have had that too.  What if you looked at the virus as a friendly(?) alien (which by the way it is) … what if you could speak to the virus what would you say to it, and what would it say to you?

At the moment our view is maybe that covid is “out to get us”.  We think it can damage our brain our lungs, our body, and it can.  However, can we look at it from a different point of view? What if the virus is just CHANGING your brain and your body, preparing it for something better, not for something worse.  Recalibrating us.   The virus is making us very aware of our shortcomings, and our strengths on every level.  How we respond is important.  You could re-imagine this time as one of HEALING, and CHANGING.

Those people in my classes who are able to grow and become better no matter what,  are the ones who are looking better and better as this time goes on.  They don’t see the virus as a killing machine.. they are building their body to change and adapt.  They are still doing their yoga, still meditating, still eating well, hunkering down with their children and families, and learning new things.  Taking every advantage of what this time is offering us.   This virus is going to be always with us – we might as well adapt,  as it is adapting.


To assist you (or your children), perhaps prepare a  Bach Flower remedy.  They work on the emotional level and I think could be helpful in your growth at this time.  I am not suggesting that you quickly rush to google and dial up the appropriate remedy and order it.  You can make your own easily for yourself from the flowering plants in your garden.  In my garden at the moment I have chestnut, Manchurian pears, Lilly of the Valley, snowdrops, crocus, violets and hyacinths.  What you have will be what you need – you only need one flowering plant.  You could even pick some flowers from weeds you find whilst you are out walking.  Take your pendulum and ask “are these the healing flowers for me at this time”.

When you have got your flower heads (not many needed), get your pendulum out, and a small glass bowl with filtered water.  Go around your garden and ask the flowers which can help you grow and heal through this time.  Listen to the pendulum.  Gather the flowers that speak to you and float them gently on top of the water and stand them in a sunny place (you can even use moonlight if that is what they need).  Leave in the sun for a number of hours, strain and put about 50 ml in a bottle.  This is your main supply.  Then into a smaller dropper bottle, decant about 10 ml and fill the bottle with water.  This is your remedy.  Ask your pendulum if anything else is needed.  If everything is OK, then put a few drops under your tongue as often as you need it.  Your pendulum will tell you the dosage and timing.

If you want to know more about herbs, help more, I am starting a small herb course.  It will teach you how to help your family, and then help your community and so on… the ripples flow outwards,  Healing the planet one yogi at a time. It is all the same.  Herbals, Yoga, Pendulum, Tarot… it is all healing. The herbal course will probably be on Mondays about 6.45pm.  Let me know if you are interested.

If you want to come to our zoom yoga classes and don’t know how to get the link, pay.  Go to the web site, and look at the from, landing page under ZOOM.

The greatest gift you can give to others is to be happy and hopeful yourself.  These wonderful remedies flood the body with beautiful vibrations of our Higher Self.  There is no healing unless there is change on the inside..