Dear Yogis,

As you read this we will have begun our first Sunday Morning Teacher Training, which starts at 10am to accomodate students joining us from places as far away as Texas in the USA.  I do not plan to do a big newsletter here, as I have been working on our 2 hour class which will be repeated next Sunday.  I am not recording it.  Why? because I am making every effort that we can have an actual, spontaneous class.  With two classes, available please make every effort to zoom with us.


The point of watching the breath is only to bring your mind to neutral, to pull it SLOWLY away from the whirlpool of your worldly thoughts, and begin to focus within.  Watching the breath itself is not the goal which will free us.  Think why you are here.  You are seeking The Path. Decide now that the answers to the big questions cannot be found outside of meditation.  People often ask me the big questions, but they really don’t want the answers, they aren’t listening.  Decide here and now to meditate even starting at 3 minutes a day. You don’t need to sit on the floor, but you do need to meditate at the same time and in the same place every day.

Do not waste your life, do not even waste a few moments concentrating on lesser goals.


We have many and increasing ZOOM classes, and would like to see you.  Restorative Yoga, Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Herbs and more…..

Look at the front page of our web site  If you want to join us, there is a charge, (like you I have to pay the rent…buy food and teaching you is my work) and you can most easily pay by deciding which class you want to join, to pay, click on DONATE on the first page, and make a one-off donation of the class fee.  We have a PayPal facility and a PayPal credit facility (not that you’ll need it).  It’s quick. It is easy, and PayPal lets me know you have paid. You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can pay with a credit or debit account through the PayPal facility.

I look forward to seeing you at our SUNDAY SCHOOL.  It is going to be good – our teacher training sessions always are.