Dear Yogis,

ZOOM: SUNDAY 10AM THE GITA STUDY.  If you want to join us, everyone is welcome.  Please pay by going to the web site and clicking on PAY VIA PAYPAL.

Friday already.. and heaps achieved.  Even did everything I could see with my new Karcher Steam Cleaner – The YOGA OF STEAM.  If you want to get chemicals out of your life get a steam cleaner (not a window vacuum thingy).  Kmart has one for half the price, but be aware, we are talking about high pressure steam – you may not want a cheaper model, although those students who have one say they are fantastic.

to add to your current qualifications.  If you have graduated, I have updated a SHORT Restorative Course – the first steps in this wonderful discipline which will inform all your teaching.   Once you have done this course you will be able to teach the basics, and can add to them if you want with a full course later.  You will love to take this to your senior students, those coming out of surgery, people who are anxious, depressed, those with life threatening illness, or those who just want to relax….  Hugely helpful in this time of COVID.

Cost: $75 pre-paid for this short course, or $25 per month for 4 months with a Certificate of Attainment.  Don’t under estimate the value of this course.  You will love it, and you will be able to add it to your class menu in about a month if you work hard at the course.   Please contact me if you want more information:



I thought you would be interested in PAINTING YOUR OWN COFFIN.  One of my clients recently died, and as part of her Last Wishes she had all her friends paint the casket and pop meaningful items in with her.  I think this is quite beautiful, and to me, looks like a boat…  a very Egyptian ending.    You can buy flat-pack cardboard coffins… why not start yours now? Don’t leave it to friends to imagine what you want after you have “moved on”.



QUOTE OF THE DAY:  When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.  – Henry Ford

I have been re-learning about how to work both in and on the Studio.  We all had a bit of a rest and a time to restructure and re-consider during the lock-downs, and now it definitely is BACK TO BUSINESS, and is so relaxing to be here.

Thank you all for your support – writing the newsletter, keeping in contact,  takes time and dedication, and getting your support means everything to me.  Thank you.

I can’t massage or tattoo on Zoom, but I can do a TAROT READING ON ZOOM  FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED.  After being on zoom almost every day during the great rest, it is quite different to be back in the studio,.  I miss seeing my students from all over the country, all over the world.  It has been most interesting.  But now, with everyone getting their jab, we are in a different place. It doesn’t mean we are back to normal, or things are as they were, but it does mean that once again we have the time to look at our lives and become more self sufficient.  Like the coffin, don’t leave it for other people to do.  Prepare now.

Something is coming – we can’t know what, we are yogis, we can think, we can wait and we can breathe.  As the Qur’an says.  Nothing can happen that is not the will of Allah.  Trust this” .  When you do trust what is coming, then life becomes most exciting, without the worry of having to organise the future.