Dear Yogis,

In our teacher training sessions, and these blogs we have spoken of giving.  To give, you need to be a WARRIOR, because you need to overcome imprints in order to give, and the object of your giving must do the same. You give, they receive… sometimes receiving is harder.

Imagine you are walking across a lawn and you are about to step forward and you notice a bug in the grass.  You almost step on it when it opens its wings and flies off.  Or, you notice nothing, and you step on it.  What has happened here.  A number of things you might find difficult to think about.

Firstly we have karmic imprints but the bug does also! You could not have hurt her unless the had an imprint in her own mind that would force her to see herself being hurt.  As we have learned this imprint was caused when in her past she  had hurt someone else (yes, even bugs or smaller).  You could not have hurt her if she did not have this imprint in her mind.  You would have raised your foot to stand on her and she would have flown away unharmed.

So in sparing the bug you gave her nothing.  You did not protect her.  Nothing depended on your action. EVERYTHING DEPENDED ON THE IMPRINTS SHE HAD IN HER MIND ALREADY.

In the same way if we understand things in this way, any person’s poverty or life of pain cannot be changed unless they learn to give, because the poverty or any other negative experience is a direct result of their own lack of charity.  Their negative karmic imprints…..

When you have reached a state of perfection you will travel through the world constantly looking out for people who need your help, anyone you can serve in any way, from the price of a cup of coffee to the highest gifts of the spirit.

The way of the Warrior or the way of the Fool.  Your choice.  Life is not an obstacle course littered with unpleasant people and things and situations that you must try to struggle against.  Being angry about where you find yourself is the source of your pain.   You cannot get rid of all the unpleasant things in your life any more than you can cover the earth in leather to make walking across it easier.  There is the benefit of honest, of being sincere when someone has hurt you.  Be patient, be kind keep a level head – anger is a useless emotion.  My mum told me “If you are wrong you cannot afford to be angry, when you are right, there is no need”. 

The wise suffer during their spiritual studies.  If you seek only comfort, you will never be wise.  Use your pain as a skill that will serve you.  Find joy in everything you do, even when things are difficult, painful. This does not mean “pink clouding”.

We will speak tomorrow.

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