Dear Yogis,

We have been holed up with Covid, and may have to go through it again before this cycle is over, until we have learned what we need to know.  If you had to choose one action which would produce an entirely perfect future, if you had to choose one thing which would leave an imprint on your mind that would make you see every single detail and person of the world as completely perfect, as pure light, as pure bliss then what would it be.  Answer –  Tong-Len Meditation. The meditation of pure compassion.

Let us consider Covid.  What would be the good of that perfect world, the perfect garden you have created,  if the loved ones who have passed on cannot see it.  What good is a garden if you are the only one who will ever see it.  If you have made it just for you?

When the suffering (of friends, relatives or the world) started,   when the virus started to effect the brain, invade the gut and shut down the lungs, was/is there anyone who can wave their arms and say a magic word and remove this sickness? I don’t think so.  Not for these people, or for any of the suffering in the world,  anyone,  as long as humanity has lived, and that is what this wonderful little being, the virus has woken up to teach us.

What has caused these people to be ill and die? A virus?  It is a living being and has as much right to life as you do.   According to our yogic training we have learned it is because  at some point those who are suffering now, however they are suffering, any suffering not just covid,  failed to respect life.

We suffer because we have caused suffering to others.  Most of us are completely ignorant that this is what brings us suffering, and because finally, in seeking to protect what we believe are our own interests we respond to evil (the negative) with new evil, and thus assure evil upon ourselves in future as well.

How do we know this?  It is the kindness of our teachers, of all teachers (including you who are reading this) who have come to us to show us that the real source of all pain is the pain we do to others.

Why do we come to you, why do you come to others? We come to make our students think.  I suppose we could have lulled you into the thought that all will be well without you changing anything, without you doing contemplation, study, practice and discussion.  It is not possible.  You cannot understand just because I understand.

Even if we could send everyone who suffered those THINGS they think they need, the new house, clothes, cards and mountains of food they consume in a lifetime, even new body parts, would it help?  No.  There is only one thing that would help, and that is an enlightened teacher. Someone who could show them the path.  They may not take the path in this lifetime, and they might hate you for showing them the path, but one day in the future, maybe in a future lifetime,  they will become an Enlightened One because of your action and they will lead another onto the path.

How do we grow an Enlightened One? By planting totally PURE seeds in the heart, the mind and the body that will make us see ourselves become an Enlightened One.  The Meditation of Compassion is the Path to compassion itself. Sending the water of compassion to all those who are suffering – sending it all out with white light on the breath.  Devote yourself to the practice of taking and giving throughout the day, saying to yourself constantly throughout the day “giving and taking”.  Sending the breath out changes the giver as well as the receiver even if we cannot see the changes.

First you must tidy your own garden, make your own garden beautiful, before you can change the garden belonging to others.