Just one more yoga class to go, and then we are on holidays until MONDAY THE 10TH JANUARY.  This should give you all plenty of time to do modules (those who need to do them).

I am looking forward to the Monday Yoga class at 1pm – our last for the year.  

NEXT YEAR (Omicron being held at bay) – this may change slightly, but any updates will be in the newsletter.

STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 and Friday 5.30.

Monday 6.30.  First term “The Gita” – $25 per month
NEW STUDIO CLASS: Herbals” Saturday 2pm. Identification/Uses/Medicines/Bach/pendulum Starting 15th January $50 per month. After you have done these tutorials you will be able to save heaps by learning to do things yourself, or a new skill to add to your studio “menu”.  A great addition to the Bach Course now on Etsy
CCP: Tuesdays at 7.30. New class starting 18th January.  Students who have done the class previously are welcome to use this as a refresher.
TAROT:  Taking up where we left off.  $50 per month

During Covid and the on-again off-again lock-downs I took our classes from the studio to zoom, and to keep you close and your spirits up – knowing that Covid meant that many were just hanging on financially, I gave free classes where I could.  Now we are through it for the time being, I ask you not to be offended that I am charging –  I too have expenses, and everything has changed.   Apart from CCP where the zoom is part of the course, there is a small charge (less than a Coffee and cake per session)… I hope that you can all understand that, and will keep coming to class. Even Edgar Cayce charged for his time, and my teachers certainly charged for theirs.  I used to have a yoga jar and put coins into it – there was always the right amount for class in there, but I was a devoted student, and loved my  teacher and the classes.

COVID:  Thanks to my students and clients, vaccinated an unvaccinated, I am compiling a regime for any of you who have caught covid and are either managing alone, or in recovery.  Let me know if you would like some guidelines – yoga, breathing, vitamins, herbs.  As usual healing is a team effort – not just one thing.  Not just one jab, not just one way.

Email me if you need some assistance:



In my adventure into BACH FLOWER REMEDIES, I have been combining PPT and BACH, and effectively mimicing the  acupuncture experience. Dr. Shui Yin Lo (The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health) hypothesizes that both meridians and acupuncture points are made up of “water clusters.”  “A water cluster is defined as approximately 109 water molecules combining to form a ‘cluster’ that is a dipole, i.e., negatively charged on one end and positively charged on the other. When these clusters are stimulated by acupuncture needles, heat, sound (light in the case of flower essences), electromagnetic waves, electric fields, and or sound waves are generated. These waves travel through the meridian to various organs that resonate with similar water clusters in that organ.”

Lynne McTaggert in her book The Field, addresses related concepts in the area of quantum physics, one being that “water acts as the conductor of a molecule’s signature frequency.” In conclusion, according to Craydon and Bellows, “The perfect harmonics of the floral template (Bach Essence) contained in the memory of the water will, through electromagnetic resonance, stimulate the water clusters in the receptive acupuncture point and communicate this information through the meridian system. In this way, the whole body receives vibratory communication and realigns itself to match this template. Profound healing occurs when inner and outer nature harmonize with one another.”

The message is…You don’t have to take it under the tongue.  This is especially important if you have an addiction to alcohol.  I have found the best way for me (and the cat and the plants)  is to put in a small spray bottle and spritz my face and hands, or pulse points.  In the case of plants, I use on trunks, branches or leaves depending on the problem, and the condition of the plant.

You can always email or zoom for your remedy, and I can post your essence to you. $35 including postage.  Better to buy more than one because the postage of $10 per parcel won’t change.

Centaury – Cherry plum – Chestnut bud – Chicory – Crab Apple – Gorse – Heather – Holly – Honeysuckle – Hornbeam – Mustard – Oak – Olive – Pine – Rock Rose – Rock Water – Scleranthus – Vervain – Vine – Walnut – White Chestnut – Wild Oat – Wild Rose – Rescue Remedy (plus: Shungite – Rock Crystal – Amethyst).  All these have been gathered and made from plants in my garden or walking distance to my house and crystals of course.  On the Saturday Classes we will learn how to make these essences and use them.

The First Saturday “HERBAL” we will explore PINE (for self-forgiveness. For those stuck in regret), WILD OAT (For those unable to choose one of many paths, and determine their true vocation), OLIVE (for those who are exhausted on every level).  We will also use these herbs in cooking and in making liqueurs.  Also using a pendulum to help you decide on the herbals.

Be open to new ways of thinking – as Jesus said “Be not afraid for I am with you…” Fear is more debilitating than any disease.

I look forward to seeing you on the zoom or on the mat, soon.