Don’t forget our MONTHLY YOGA LUNCH on the 25th of February at 12 noon at The Mount Macedon Hotel.  It was such a joy to be able to go out we “tested the water” for you last month – it was GREAT, we had a table by the door in the “Bird Room” where we usually go.  You do have to comply with covid requirements, but I think we are getting used to this aren’t we?  The staff wear masks right through service… everyone is “safe”.


So-called for its incredible likeness to a turkey’s plumage, turkey tail is a magical mushroom so rich in immune system boosting health benefits that cultures around the world have used it in traditional herbalism since ancient times.

Benefits of Superfoods Australia’s Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract:

  • Beta Glucan Polysaccarides
  • Organic wild harvested (the photo is the mushroom in my back yard, but we don’t use mine – there is not enough).
  • Potent concentrated extract
  • Nutritional mushrooms to boost your energy

Turkey Tail: Discover the Best-Kept Health Secret of the Ancients.  Turkey tail mushroom (coriolus versicolor or trametes versicolor) has been a mainstay of traditional herbalism and remedies in Europe and North America, where it was used to treat various illnesses. In China, it was enjoyed as a soothing, herbal tea during the Ming Dynasty.

Turkey Tail Extract Is a Simple Way to Boost Your Overall Health and so many of our teachers and students are using it. I take it, sometimes three times a day.   Turkey tail is one of the most-researched mushrooms in the West. Much of that research confirms what ancient shamans and practitioners of traditional Chinese herbalism have known for decades – that turkey tail mushroom is an all-round superstar when it comes to maintaining your health:

  • Antioxidant Protection: combat oxidative stress and inflammation with an extract that packs a powerful cocktail of 35 phenols and flavonoids
  • Immune System Booster: assist your body with PSK and PSP that promotes an increased white blood cell count to fight off poor health
  • Gut Health Balancer: rebalance the bacteria in your gut by nourishing good bacteria and reducing the impact of bad bacteria

Get a Potent, Organic Turkey Tail Extract, Straight from The Source.   Our turkey tail mushrooms are organic and wild harvested,  is a 15:1 extract, with 15 kilograms of raw, dried mushroom (including mycelium) creating 1 kilogram of this highly potent turkey tail extract.

Order your turkey tail mushroom today and discover the potent health benefits that this prized mushroom has to offer!  PLUS a few of you are waiting for our TURKEY TAIL to come back into stock – we now have it again, and I can post it to you.  Buy two packets for $50 – I will pay the postage.

Pay via and click on PayPal and I will post as soon as the receipt hits my inbox.  



Yesterday we walked along the Five Mile Creek and collected herbs and flowers to use later.  So many students don’t know that the green stuff they are walking over is edible.  This time there was a treat – a Granny Smith apple tree just waiting to be harvested.  The apples were beautiful.

Out of the herbs I gathered I made a gorgeous pesto with dock, lemon dock dandelion and the usual chick peas etc.  I wasn’t the only one to do this – here is photo of one of my student’s first “wild pesto” efforts with tomatoes, corn and potatoes/vegetable fritters.  Everything on the plate either grown or gathered.  What could be better!

HERBS AS MEDICINE.  I have told you before I use herbs to stay healthy.  The most powerful (and useful) for me are hawthorn and yarrow.  Both for heart health.  My blood pressure went through the roof after the first and second vax and i used those two herbs to bring it down (in three days).  I kept it under control with the herbs and the third vax went by unnoticed apart from the usual tiredness.  Yarrow is taking over my vegetable box and is lush, feathery and green.  Hawthorn is available most of the year on the highways and byways…

HERBAL WALK :  I am planning another herbal walk and herb demo on Tuesday the 1st March at 10.30am, and repeat on Saturday 5th March at 2pm. We will walk along the 5 Mile Creek – I think the apples will be gone by then – but there will be plenty to gather and to learn.  Then we will come back to the Studio and we will make something for a snack out of what we gathered.  It will also give you a chance to see the studio if you haven’t been before, and wander around the garden and see how I grow my herbs and vegetables.

ION KI SPA.  I am getting a second spa, so (when it arrives) I will be able to do two at the one time.  It will take some juggling, but I will learn.


SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO (and at ZOOM TAROT Friday at 6.45)