Dear Yogis,

Today is the day when the Greater Melbourne area are allowed out of their tough lockdown.  They still can’t visit regional areas, although I know a lot of Melbourne folk who are coming up this weekend “to check on their holiday homes”.  So, Woodend and surrounds are going to be definitely out of bounds for me – it will be COVID CENTRAL.

ZOOM:  Friday 64.5 Zoom FREE Tarot class, Sunday CCP Study Group, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.
STUDIO: Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30

The Friday Nite Tarot class is getting better and better, and last week I introduced a Tarot Chart.  It was met with great enthusiasm, and so I tidied up my notes, and made them into a book for use in the coming classes… 

I have put the book on ETSY (   These charts include matching the Revelation Tarot to the chakras, a few methods of reading to tidy up our lives, and a way of seeing into the future, as well as finding how the world sees us. It is serious and it is fun and it is only $7.50.

If you read for others already this will give more insights, and if you have always wanted to read for others, these charts will give you a good starting point.  I know you will enjoy them.  I have even left a few places where you can add your own images…to make it more personal. Go to etsy and have a look.  You could download and use the pages in a journal to make the charts uniquely your own.  I could help you make it into a journal?

If you need a reading – I am available.  We could even use the charts.  If you want a special “HOW-TO”  class in using the charts and doing readings, we can zoom one just for you.  Let me know.

REMEMBER – NOTHING HELPS EXCEPT PRACTICE.  If the Dalai Lama takes off 6 months each year for concentrated practice and retreats (which he does, over and above daily practice), imagine how much work and practice the rest of us need!  Even if you are not a meditator or a yogi, if you read the tarot, are a long distance runner, whatever –  whatever you do needs practice.  Talent won’t get you there – discipline, diligence and courage (and patience) is what you need.  Edison made 950 light globes before one worked.  He did not consider the 950 which did not work failures, just steps, without which he would never have discovered how to make the one that did work.

I will see you on the mat.