Because this break in our usual way we work has happened, we are able to do those things in the house, in our study and teaching that we have always said we haven’t had time for.  Today as I was standing under the shower,  I thought about how appreciative I am that I decided to go for that little extra work, that extra study, that extra writing.

It made me think. Isn’t life and success defined by that “little extra”? It’s not the dramatic, far-reaching, overly-impressive actions or risks we take that push us forward, it is those small decisions that carry us along…. It’s those small things we change that free up the backlog behind them..

It’s simple,  and I have spoken to you about it in teacher training session after teacher training session.

It’s the extra showing up. The extra giving to others. The extra learning. The extra asanas, the extra meditation sessions. This is what over time, makes the difference to our life and to our contribution during our lifetime. Ask any expert at anything and they’ll agree.   There’s nothing mystical about a having big, generous life. It’s consistency, and the willingness to do, to give, and become just a little bit more.

While I was considering this message to you, I realised that a little extra, in fact, means A WHOLE LOT.  It means everything.

And then I thought… where has this been true for me so far?

  • As I move into this COVID experience, I work on learning and giving every day… a little extra than ever before.
  • I have academic success because I do my daily research and follow up… that little bit extra.
  • I’m a content and optimistic human because I invest in my mind… a little bit extra than most.
  • When I started out as a yoga teacher,  I gave it extra everything… and it has worked for 50 plus years..

Let me ask you this May, where can you give a little extra?  Where do you want to grow?  What do you want to become?  If you want to grow and change, the opportunity has arrived – it may be a long time until it comes again. Don’t miss it. Don’t let it fly by and look back in regret.  Don’t miss this opportunity for growth. Don’t get bogged down in grey thoughts, loneliness, empty wishes… “Do what you can with what you have where you are” as the Buddha taught.

The greatest gift you can give to others is to be happy and hopeful yourself, then you draw others out of their despondency.  I have found with the Bach Herbal Remedies I make and use is they “cure” not by attacking disease, but by flooding our body with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which, disease just melts away. Never more important than in this moment of “invisible invaders”.

The invaders in the photo are “ORBS”.  They are “Positive Presences” which are with us all the time, not everyone sees them. But they are there.

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness. Remember fear only attacks what you are afraid to lose.

Keep well, keep warm, keep happy, and keep on learning.

Namaste Jahne