Dear Yogis,

Doing a newsletter every day is amazing – and I thank you all for your feedback.  I know that you are all “zoomsters” and that is why I am doing dailies.  You are getting the asanas, but are you getting the rest? I looked at the records of how many of you are accessing the videos that have come as part of your teaching package, and it is very few.  Keep in mind that if you have no teacher, you are reliant on these for your 160 hours – AND I WILL BE CHECKING. You have paid for them – now watch them, take notes.  You have time.

People have said to me that without their job, with no coffee shop contact, being thrown into their own company, they felt aimless and useless, and this was what was the hardest to deal with.    People, this is the time when the most advances personally can be made.   There is always study and reading that can be done to assist in our understanding and get us ready for the next phase of our life.

For myself, I am doing Advanced Bach Studies at the moment as I have said to you.  It is fascinating.  The basics which I did in the 1980’s  (how time flies)  were “interesting” but the advanced studies, as with everything, is where it all comes together and is very, very relevant to where we find ourselves today.  You will find that in your yoga studies, just when you felt you “didn’t need this” you will find the pearl.

The herbal remedies as Bach wrote in his papers entitled “Some Fundamentals of Disease and Cure” would have “the power to elevate our vibrations and thus draw down spiritual power, which cleanses mind and body and heals.”

In the book “Heal Thyself”, Bach stresses the importance of happiness in life, for not only does it bring health in its train, but it indicates that the individual is living his life on earth to the full, uninfluenced by others; and in so doing, being of the greatest help and service to his fellow men.  So students – get happy to get healthy.

A project I have just started in the garden is some gardens out of car tyres, and will soon be planting the seeds I have rescued from the plants I have been foraging.  It is the perfect time.  I have heaps and heaps of leaves to use as mulch and as a weed mat. I know you probably don’t think tyres are attractive, but I have ivy in my garden, and soon you won’t be able to see much of the tyres.  I did watch a permaculture video last week of a big garden in the USA and they have done away with compost heaps on the basis that there are no compost heaps in nature, and gone back to delivering scraps straight to garden beds.  Car tyres make this an easy revolution.

Although I know that potatoes like being in the tyres and will propagate beautifully, I don’t know how my foraged seeds  will like being cultivated in this way  Doing it like this means I will be able to keep track of what is happening which is what I want, and I  will be able to control the environment.  I even have some salt bush which I am really looking forward to growing – “Old Man Weed”.  I have done a bit of research and its a very versatile plant.  Not just medicinal but also culinary, and fodder for animals.  Who knew?  Learning, learning, learning every day.  There is so much left to know, so much I want to do.

By the way.  I have had some donations into the Foundation which will enable me to  offer scholarships for the new Bach Therapy Course.  Start thinking about it.

Keep learning, stay well, and above all stay happy,

Namaste – Jahne