Dear Yogis,

I know its Saturday and I usually don’t post on a Saturday, but today I want to share with you a great step forward…. I don’t know if you remember the remedial foot-spa I had a number of years ago (if you recall I gave it to a student to start them on their professional health career), However, I missed it and as I have been dealing with a number of aggravating symptoms some have put down to “age”, I bought another one.   I thought with covid, I would like to know that my system was as well, and as clear as I could make it. The foot-spa cleanses at another level, and I think it is very beneficial.

The ionic theory states that the ions travel through the body attaching themselves to toxins (out of polarisation charge) substances, thereby neutralising their toxic effects.  These toxins are expelled throughout your body’s natural excretory pathways, and in this case the pores of our skin around the feet.

Of course the medical profession disagrees with the thought that it may be of any use whatsoever,   but you only have to look at the water to know something is happening.  What exactly is happening perhaps harder to say.  It works perhaps in the same way as the Japanese foot patches…  whatever the explanation, it gets results.  I have been struggling with a feeling of fatigue especially in the morning, and a deep joint pain in my big toe on the left hand side.  Both much improved after only one session.  Plus, I can clearly see the prana in the air again, and speaking with my guides (and pendulum) are much enhanced.  I feel closer… But that is just me. 

The body has its own healing system, and as I tell my students every day in yoga, it is a self-healing mechanism – however, this spa enhances the system.  With all the toxins we face every day in the environment, detoxing is important.  This spa is recommended for symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, aching body, sluggish elimination, bags under the eyes, distended belly even if you are thin, mental confusion etc.

At the left above is a photo of the foot-spa after my first cleanse on myself – the water started clean and clear.   If you could look closely you would see white cloudy bits (lymphatic toxins), black flecks (heavy metals – lots of these), and the orange colour is toxins from the joints and cartilage.   The heavy metals? probably from fish – I eat quite a lot, so I will cut back on fish and watch for a change in the water (reduced black flecks).   You can only have a treatment a couple of times a week, so I will report and take a photograph of my next spa.  I am as interested as you may be.

Detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from illness and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. It is not just about one thing, and it is not a Harry Potter magic wand.  The spa may remove the toxins, it is up to you not to put them back…. the spa is a maintenance thing.  

If you would like to share this wonderful spa with me,  please make a booking for a session.  The spa will take half an hour, (you can photograph the result), and you will get a Bach flower remedy to take home which will help to bring your body and mind back into balance – I am sure that you will feel much different.  Altogether the session could take an hour.  This is not something that can be achieved on zoom (!) and of course the covid requirements apply if you plan to come for a session.  For deep seated issues, it may take more than one session over a series of weeks…
$85 per session which includes a Bach Flower Remedy.  

I look forward to seeing you.

*Disclaimer:  The foot spa is not a medical device and not intended for diagnosis of disease.  It is an educational/information tool.  It is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment by your personal health professional..