Dear Yogis,

What can I say – another beautiful day in “paradise”, and rain is forecast for the end of the week… if it rains at night before then that will be especially welcome, not because of the temperature, but because of the fire danger – we are getting to the “iffy” part of the year (“Ash Wednesday” usually High Fire Danger time – is still vivid in my memory banks).  Ash Wednesdaywhich occurs after Shrove Tuesday is always 46 days before Easter Sunday and marks the beginning of Lent.  This year it falls on March 2nd.   I always breathe a sign of relief after February has come and cone with no fires of consequence. There are always smaller fires, and we have already had a few.

YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5,30 and Friday 5.30
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 The Gita, Tuesday 7.30 Herbs and Friday 6.45 Tarot
SUNDAY: SUNDAY OPEN STUDIO from 12 noon to 4pm. – please book a time although there is lots of inside and outside space, even if it rains which is forecast.    I have potted up some Bach Herbs for sale, I have the fungi Poster on beautiful paper, paintings, and some very interesting collectibles.  You can see the Foot Cleanse – you can have one before or after the open studio (please book), see the tarot designs…  a chance to catch up after Covid.

STILL DETOXING:  When am I going to stop? Answer?  When the water in the foot cleanse becomes worth looking at.  At present it is still dark coloured, and more flecks appearing than in the beginning which I read as being the cleanse underway.  The result of seeing this mucky water is to make me consider even more carefully what I eat.  No supermarket fish three times a week – which is the only (known) source of heavy metals occurring at present… although I probably have got some stored in my cells which are cleansing – plus I have one mercury filling which may be leaking.. probably time to have it removed. The photo is at an odd angle, but it gave the best view keeping the overhead light out of view.  You can see the black flecks, which are the heavy metal deposits escaping…

Since I have been cleansing in this way I have felt more energised, more capable and (if i can say it – ) YOUNGER!, and who doesn’t need this? My memory is also much better, and I get to the end of the day feeling better and have given up the “nanna naps”. I have time, and would love clients who are able to come for a session with me.  The cleanse takes half and hour, I include a Bach remedy to help you adjust to the new you when you get home, and to help the process on its way.  You will feel different, work differently, and approach your life more positively.  And yes, it has helped me get rid of a kilo or two painlessly.  Email me for an appointment.


I was working on my to-do list and my year ahead list.  I usually give a nod to the moon charts, and thought I would pay more attention this year.  All I found was confusion caused by the Southern Hemisphere and Northern hemisphere rotations and shadows.  Even people like Biddy Tarot (an Australian) only gives northern charts, probably because most of her members are overseas.

So, I have finished the easy to read drawings of the luna map from the South Skies, ours,  and will get them printed asap.  I put the beginnings of them on my instagram account if you want to visit me there and see what I have been up to.  My “Late Night Drawing” sessions have been very productive.

TODAY:  I really do hope that you are making your way profitably through your covid experience. A cleanse would be of help if you live close enough.  I am due for a medical assessment at the end of the month and i will be very interested after the Vax, the cleansing and the “NEW” me.  

PS: I am in conversation with Thermomix with regards to working with them on THE HERBAL/BACH WAY.  No-one has tackled this, and see so many of you have a Thermomix, this may be interested.